Monday, January 2, 2012

Catching Up

Where did the past week go?  I'm so disoriented about time/day/dates it's a good thing we have one of those daily calendar things in the bathroom!  Forget the actual calendar; if I don't know what day it is, what good will that tell me?'s hard to believe this time last week I was packing in a fog, not knowing what clothing to take or even knowing how long we were staying at my parents' house.  I think I cried every day last week.

But now it's a new year; a new week, and new challenges to face.  If you stopped by Kenzie's post yesterday (today IS Monday, right?) over at The Writer's Evo blog, you saw my goals for the coming year.  Some are rather ambitious (de-clutter my house?  Move us into a better house?), while other are dependent on outside forces (IF my spouse is awarded his disability, and IF it comes in time for that trip in August and IF the spouse agrees to either take us or let me go down there) and sales (did you notice both Love Finds A Way and Forbidden Love release this month?  Spread the word; I need a nice fat royalty check in April, lol!).

I'm also catching up on stuff which happened while I was busy baking/editing/celebrating/grieving.  For instance, my publisher's 1st anniversary Blog Hop.  I'm due to post on the 7th and am just now getting around to posting the details.  Why is it everything in my life happens at once?  I guess it keeps me on my toes, lol!

Anyway, go here for the blog hop details and good luck!  I'd like to win a Kindle Fire also; I think my Sony bit the dust the other day.  I'll find out when I charge it back up.

Have a good week, everyone; I'll be back tomorrow with good news.  I promise:)

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