Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Under The Weather

I know; I posted all five days last week.  So what happened?

Monday we enrolled the daughter in the Academy, our alternative school.  She'll now go every afternoon for three hours, and can access her schoolwork from any computer and internet access.  Which has greatly relieved my morning stress....somewhat.

Instead of nagging her to get out of bed, the youngling has now caught on to the 'let's-see-how-far-we-can-push-Mom-and-stay-in-bed' routine.  Only this time, I'm not so nice.  I can still pick him up out of bed and carry him into the kitchen!  And this morning, he found out how nice it is when we're actually on time.  Mom will sing with him in the car, ha ha!  And he gets 'curbside service', what I call being able to drop him off at the door and giving him a kiss goodbye, instead of yelling at him to hurry up and RUN to his classroom!

Yesterday, I woke up in a mood.

You know the one; where you feel snarly toward everything?  And it was also our BSA Pinewood Derby, so I had to go and be sociable.  Not an easy task when you're feeling upset with the world...every little thing upsets you.

I wasn't able to take pictures of youngling's races, because I was doing some behind-the-scenes work, and feeling stressed when we realized a critical error and some kids were in tears afterward.  Partly my fault; partly others.  But hopefully it will be corrected next month, and we chalk it up to a learning experience for next year.

Today, I woke up feeling as if I had someone else's nose.  You know the feeling; if you could cut off your nose, your head would feel better?  So out came my sudafed and opened my last box of kleenex.  I've now gone through NINE boxes of Puffs, and am now working my way through a roll of soft Charmin.

On the good side, I'm hoping to make it to karaoke tonight and sing
-Black and White (3 Dog Night)
-Breakfast At Tiffany's
-Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
-Breathe (if there's time)

Here's hoping tomorrow will be better!


Linda Kage said...

Sudafed? Gasp. Did you have to show ID, put your first born up for collateral, and pass a lie detector test to get that?

Honestly though, I hope you get better and your rightful nose returns to you. HUGS!

Molly Daniels said..., this is the 'new' stuff, which doesn't work nearly as well (imho, at least...) as the original.