Thursday, January 5, 2012

KarAoke WednEsday

No; that wasn't a typo; it was merely an attempt to explain my voice last night!

BC and I showed up around midnight, with me bringing some of my chocolate-covered pretzels.  BC was greeted by former co-workers, and it would be another half hour or so (forgot to look at my watch!) until the dart game was over and the karaoke screens changed.

And since Cheryl knew we were celebrating, I was first up.  Here's what I sang and my personal take.

-Borderline:  Sounded okay last week when my voice was good, so decided to try it again.  Ugh.  I'll do this one one more time w/o that crap clinging to my vocal cords!

-Battlefield (Jordin Sparks):   I YouTubed it earlier in the day and thought I sounded okay.  I didn't get a chance to refresh my memory about some of the synchopation, so at times I floundered.  Leaving this on my list for next week; I think all I need is practice.

-Blue Bayou:  I LOVED this Linda Ronstadt song as a teenager, and would belt it out while doing the dishes.  And since my vocal cords were clogged, thought I could manage the low tones.  Did an okay job, and surprised Renee the DJ (Cheryl had to bug out early last night....I asked her if her ears couldn't take anymore of our bad singing, lol!) about holding the last note until the end!  I also discovered-ahem-I've been singing the wrong words to my favorite part:  'Find that boy of my side...the silver moon and the evenin' tide...'  I've been singing 'I'll have that boy of mine...'  Guess it didn't hurt!

-Boulevard of Broken Dreams:  Started out a little croaky, but the table full of enthusiastic drunk singers joined in and helped drown me out:)  I'll do this one again next week also, so I can hear myself through the speakers!

What did BC sing?
-Criminal (excellent as always!)
-Youth of the Nation (Nailed it)
-Youth Gone Wild (Skid Row) (Good job; I've not heard this one before, but she sounded good!)
-Like A Virgin (Again, nailed it:)

A good night of blowing off steam and very comical around 2am when the drunk party belted out Journey's Don't Stop Believin'!

There's still time to enter for your chance to win a copy of Love Finds A Way:)  Answer this easy question in the comments:  Where does the entire series take place?

Have a good day and I'll announce the winner on Friday!


Harlie Reader said...

Skid Row rocks and Youth Gone Wild is their best. No one sings like Sebastian. head banging days are coming back...

Slinking away...


Stephanie said...

LOVE Karaoke!! Not that I can really sing or anything, but I do manage to stay on beat! LOL! used to go out all the time...friend used to have his own karaoke business. Oh the fun many memorable performances!

Amber Skyze said...

Sounds like a fun night! :) Congrats on the new release. Wishes for lots of sales.

Kathryn Merkel said...

I love Karaoke. My signature songs are: Have You Ever Seen The Rain, Why Do Fools Fall In Love & The Lion Sleeps Tonight. My best friend likes to go with me, but she has to get just a little tipsy before she will get up & sing, at which time, she always does Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown.

The series is set at Arbor University.

drainbamaged.gyzmo at

Marianne Stephens said...

Congrats on the release...and I love Blue Bayou! My singing is barely passable on a good day, but sounds like you made a great effort to perform!

Molly Daniels said...

@Marika: It will be a while before I get my shot at a SR song...I'm still in the 'B' titles:)

@Stephanie: My friend BC dragged me with her and showed me it wasn't so scary after all!

@Amber: Thank you:)

@Kathryn: So far, my signature songs are Alone, Baby One More Time, and Invincible:)

@Marianne: Proof at how far I've overcome my fear of singing solo:)

Karen said...

Go and do karaoke with my boyfriend. I can't carry a tune, but boy do we have a great time.

Congratulations on your book!