Friday, January 6, 2012

Flashback Friday and Winner Announced:)


Kathryn Merkel:)

Your prize is on the way:)

Flashback to Jan 1972:
Actually, I'm not sure what month this memory takes place; all I know is it was cold outside.

I car-pooled to afternoon kindergarten with two boys and sometimes another girl, but I really only remember driving to her house once.  One day, T's dad drove, and I was somehow placed in the middle between T and C.  We were in a pickup truck, and the boys for whatever reason, began a slapping game over my lap.  I reached out, took T's right hand in my left, and C's left hand in my right, and firmly placed each boys' hand on their legs.

"Stop it!"

T's dad laughed.  "That's it, Molly; keep those boys in line for me!"

I don't think T came over to play after school...

Present Day:
I think the adrenaline rush of Release Day is over:)  Time to get back to work and send in my contract for Balancing Act.  I sent Forbidden Love off to my editor the other day, so hope she likes the changes.  This weekend we will be taking down the tree and reclaiming the living room, since the CK returns to Purdue on Sunday.  I've enjoyed having him home; it's always nice to have another driver around!

Be sure to check Kenzie's over-indulgence post on Sunday over at The Writer's Evo blog, and have a great weekend!

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