Thursday, March 14, 2013

Arbor University's Scavenger Hunt!

My 5th 'baby' is being released tomorrow!  Are you ready for a scavenger hunt?  All you have to do is answer six easy questions and email me the answers.  I'll pick a winner on Monday, since I'll be out of town tomorrow night, and I'll be sleep-deprived on Sunday due to singing at the 8am service, then attending a friend's performance of the Evil Stepmother in Cinderella.  And yes, pictures will be provided next week.

All answers can be found on this blog (if you'll notice, I've added excerpt pages at top right, and yes, I even updated them!)  I'll repost them again tomorrow, so you have plenty of time.  Ready?  Set.....GO!

1)  Who does Elicia strip-tease for?

2)  Amy decided to surprise Matt in California after she receives what?

3)  Who initiated the cake incident, Kyle or Keri?

4)  What book is Gretchen reading when Joe loses his temper?

5)  What is Caitlyn's major?

Match the girls with the men:
Elicia                                                                           Troy
Amy                                                                            Bryan
Keri                                                                             Eric
Gretchen                                                                      Kyle
Caitlyn                                                                         Matt

Extra Bonus:
Who is the sexy male model on Endless Love's cover?
a) Gerard Butler
b) Robert Downey Jr
c) Fabio
d) Jimmy Thomas

Send your answers to and I'll pick a winner on Monday.  What's the prize?  A copy of Endless Love or your choice of my back list:)  There are enough references in each book so they don't necessarily have to be read in order, but isn't that more fun?  LOL!


Melissa Keir said...

I hope everyone is entering this contest! What a fun thing to do!

Molly Daniels said...

Thank you Melissa:)