Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Pics and Good News:)

Currently Reading:  Finished Cinderella Demon Tale the other day and LOVED it!  I wasn't sure if I was going to like this story, but the characters sucked me in and I kept reading.  I'll admit I was a little squeamish about the way the queen treated Rose, but everything worked out in the end.  And now I want to read the 1st one in this series, and the others.  Recommended Read!  Finished Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye, and thoroughly enjoyed this, as the characters enter an elevator, then are plunged into total darkness for several hours.  He knows she has red hair; she has no idea what he looks like.  After getting to know each other, will their opinions change after the lights come back on?  Definite Recommended Read!  Am now reading Joyce Brennan's Unexpected Gifts.

Print:  Finished Heart on the Line by Judith Arnold and LOVED it!  It was a wonderful story of two people trying to stay 'just friends', but circumstances keep throwing them together.  The only thing I was disappointed with was I'm not sure they ever disclosed who was ultimately fired from the show which the heroine works for in production.  I may need to go back and reread the last chapter.  Definite Recommended Read!

And now for the pictures:)

House on stilts (concrete blocks) down by Ohio river

Hilltop Inn, where I'd like to spend at least one night:)  It has a wonderful view of the downtown Madison area!

Took this because the sign says 'Skunk Hollow Yacht Club'!

Waterfront restaurant.  'Boat in, Ride in'.

The actual restaurant

Then we hit Clarksville, and went to the Bass Pro Shops.  My 1st time.

You've heard of the ammunition shortage/people buying as much as they can, or even DHS buying all of it?  None to be had at 8pm this Saturday night.

I liked this sign as we were leaving:)  In fact, before the SU picked me up at the Author's Fair, he'd driven across the bridge to Kentucky and bought gas .20 cheaper.

Ready For The Good News?
-I signed my contract for Love Weighs In and sent it off yesterday.
-Kenzie received word that Off The Clock edits should arrive in a week or two:)

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the Hump Day Hook!

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