Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March Reading Schedule

So I guess today's NOT my release day, after all.  Scavenger Hunt will resume tomorrow.  And I'm revising the contest.  So in lieu of today's scheduled post, I've decided to post the books I'm reading.  And I'm still over at Mary's Garden, so come by and say hi!

Currently Reading:  Loved Christmas Babies and am looking forward to Valentine Babies:)  Recommended Read:)  I'm now halfway through The Manhattan Hunt Club by John Saul, and have to read this in small doses, as the content is a bit squeamish for me.  I'm also reading Paris Brandon's Assassin's Kiss.

Scent of Roses (Kat Martin)  Loved this book!
Deception Point (Dan Brown)  Very good!  RR
Midnight Sun (Kat Martin) Loved it!  RR
Heart on the Line (Judith Arnold)  Fantastic!
Acceptable Risk (Robin Cook)  Good, though not one of his better ones.
Catch Me (Lisa Gardner)
A Light in the Window (Jan Karon)

The Teacher’s Billionaire-Christina Tetreault  Recommended Read!!

Lush Velvet Nights-Tina Donahue  Couldn't finish this one; I was confused after 1st chapter.

Shut Up and Kiss Me-(??)  Another RR!  Very Hawt:)
Sweat Equity-Liz Crowe  So-so.  Maybe I need to reread the 1st one.
Closing Costs-L.C.  Very frustrated by time jumps and Sara's attitude toward parenting and Jack.  I mean, come ON!  Nine years of holding him at arm's length and flip-flopping back and forth?  Find this hard to believe would ever happen.
Cinderella Demon Hunter-Kerrianne Coombs  Very enjoyable!  Now want to read 1st one and others!
Forbidden Love-(??) Interesting take on 'human meets alien-falls in love with alien'.  Though I'd question a few of the details (shudder!)
Star Crash-(??)  LOVED this book!  DRR!
Hearts in Darkness-Laura Kaye  Loved this one!
Burning Love- Sable Hunter Very good!
Accidental Romance- Jessica E. Subject  REALLY LOVED this!  RR!
Turkish Delights, et al -L.C.

Publishing Efforts:
I sent off book #7, Love Weighs In, and have been told I'll know more in about a month.  And I'll admit to some confusion over today.  I thought I'd receive my next round of edits late last week, then the proof copy, and we'd be on track for release today.  But radio silence, until I emailed my editor, who said it's in the hands of the head editor.  So....are they reconsidering the publication?  Trying to figure out how to tell me they're not comfortable with my portrayal of Caitlyn?  Wish I knew what was going on.  I really wanted this to be released today, given it's my soul mate's birthday.  So we'll just wait and see.  I still haven't received anything for book #6 yet.  And I sent off that cover request sheet months ago.  So all I can do (short of hounding my cover artist/editor/publisher, lol...) is simply pray things are going smoothly, and keep writing:)


Melissa Keir said...

I'm horrible with waiting. I didn't realize how long it took for a book to go from contract to publishing. I'm sorry that your book wasn't released today. I hope you get answers soon!

Molly Daniels said...

It was originally pushed back to Feb 19th, then again to today, but my editor had internet issues. So now I'm left twiddling my thumbs....I've got the dedication written, so just waiting on that proof copy.

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