Friday, March 22, 2013

Flashback Friday

Currently Reading:  Cinderella Demon Hunter by Kerrianne Coombes.  I have to be honest; I wasn't sure I was going to like this book.  But since I couldn't remember which  book was next in the queue, I went ahead and opened it, thinking I'd at least read the 1st chapter.  And Could. Not. Put. It. Down!  I'm already 85% through this book and LOVE it!  Now I want to read the 1st one in the series, as well as the next one.  Good job Kerrianne!! Recommended Read:)  I'm also still on Judith Arnold's Heart on the Line.

Story thus far:  D had heart surgery in January to replace his aortic valve.  He had surgery again in February because of internal bleeding/blood clot behind the heart.  It turned out he was more sensitive to Coumidin than the doctors originally thought!

March 2003:
We still battled heavy snow, and my daughter's 1st Communion Retreat was upon us.  I still had to drive, but the day was clear and sunny.  D helped with the bread making; I helped the kids make crosses out of match sticks.

And afterward, we decided what the hell, let's go ahead and attend Mass; we're already here.  But after the service, snow was falling, and ice was beginning to form.  And we had a hill to climb, no matter which was we went home.  I played it safe; I chose the route with the widest street and less curves.  We made it home in about an hour (it usually only took 15 minutes).

Our son was still in basketball, and I white-knuckled drove behind the caravan to little towns all around the county.  But the route to Stinesville scared the hell out of me.  We followed the bus up winding, narrow roads up a steep hill, with barely any guard rails.  After the game, I offered to PAY someone to drive our car back down, but one of the parents knew a better way home and told me to follow them.  And we made it home safely.  Thankfully, the next game was closer to home!

His 5th grade team didn't win any awards, but it showed my child he was more suited to football and baseball.

Hubby celebrated his 49th birthday and we made a trip to Terre Haute to meet his sister's family for dinner.  Liz also bought S's 1st Communion dress and even an Easter dress.  I'd conferred with Fr. Mark about what to do IF she out and out refused to wear the white dress, and he'd agreed he'd accept her in a white shirt and blue slacks.  But 'since Grandma was going to be there and Aunt Liz bought the dress', S agreed to look like a girl for that day.  Especially after the Sunday her friend N went to church with us and her friend M couldn't keep his eyes off of N in her pretty dress!

He was forbidden to return to work until June, so every Wednesday morning, after dropping the kids at school, we'd head to the post office, pick up our mail, and head to the bank.  Then we'd eat breakfast and do our grocery shopping for the week.

One evening, a neighbor showed up with six or seven bags of food she'd picked up for us, much to our gratitude, and when the alternator went out on the car and we didn't know how we were going to pay for it, that same neighbor handed my husband the money to go get a new one.  We were overwhelmed by the generosity.

Next month:  New issue.

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