Friday, March 1, 2013

Flashback Friday

Currently Reading:  Thank god I only have four more chapters to go in The Prize!  I'm sorry, but this one is a bit dreary.  I AM enjoying Christmas Babies, though!

March 1973:
My best friend K was the next victim of chicken pox, and had a light case.  I remember coaxing my mother to buy the new John Denver LP for her, since we both loved 'Take Me Home Country Road'.  And since I'd had the chicken pox, I was allowed to visit her during her confinement.

My mother took a spill that month.  She'd come home early, but had fallen, and a neighbor took her to the hospital.  I remember being excited at the sight of her car in the driveway, but being told to go to the babysitter's, since she wasn't actually there.  Which disappointed me.  Mom turned out to be okay, and came home a few hours later.

Next Month:  Boy Crazy At This Age???

Present Day:
Happy 9th birthday to my youngest!!!!

Are You Ready For Another Party?
Endless Love will be releasing next Tuesday, March 5th, so I thought we'd have some fun.  Ready for an Arbor U Trivia Contest?  Relax; even if you haven't read any of the first four books, the answers will be easy to find.  This is just the 'Staging Area' post; you have the weekend to read the excerpt pages on this blog, visit my website and the RB4U site, and even Kenzie's blog.  The contest will run next week from Monday to Friday, and prizes will be awarded daily, along with a Grand Prize winner selected at random after 8pm on Friday.  See?  Just comment with the correct answer and you're entered.  Easy-peasy:)

So have fun with this, and I'll see you back here on Monday:)  I'll also have the Reading List up.


Melissa Keir said...

My poor mom was a saint. All five of us girls got chicken pox at the same time. It must have been a horrible time. I was already in jr. high and dreaded going back to school after the scabs dried. I thought my life was over.

Anonymous said...
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