Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Looking Ahead

Currently Reading:  Finally finished Desperation Point and OMG...what a roller coaster of 'who do you trust' and survival instincts!  Recommended Read for anyone a fan of thrillers.  Now onto Midnight Sun by Kat Martin, and dang it, back to a cold weather setting.  This one takes place in Yukon Territory in NW Canada.  Heroine has just moved into a log cabin with a leaky roof and stopped up modern bathroom, so she has to use the (leaky) outhouse.  No wonder I didn't have any hot flashes when I went to bed last night!  The body wanted warmth, ha ha!

Have you seen this?  Book #6, Searching For Love, is due to be released most likely in April or May:)  I love it when my cover artist and I 'click' and the 1st draft is a 'Yes!  That's my cover!' reaction.

Here's the blurb:  
Stephanie Ridgeman is sick of men.  She's tired of watching her best friends go through heartache and question their goals, all in the name of love.  When she meets a young woman who introduces her to another lifestyle, Steph’s curiosity overwhelms her.  She discovers there are different ways of expressing love, although society shuns her new views.  When she learns her parents disapprove, will it affect her choice?

Jodie Armstrong lost a partner to AIDS the previous year, and is intrigued by the young woman whose friends’ antics rival those of a soap opera. She patiently answers Steph’s hesitant questions concerning her lifestyle choices and encourages Stephanie to follow her heart.  Will Steph ever figure out which world she belongs in, and will her friends accept her decisions?

In case you missed the news yesterday or on Face Book, book #5 has been buffed, polished, spit-shined, and I found two words which Kenzie managed to slip in there, but have now been revised ('You can't say that in a sensual romance!'  'But I thought it needed some spicing up!'  'Keep your hands off my MS....') and is waiting for Friday the 15th, Release Day:)

So tomorrow, I'll post a scavenger hunt.  I'll ask you a few easy questions and then tell you where to send your answers.  On Monday, I'll throw the correct answers in a hat and draw a winner.  If you're selected, you'll receive your choice of my back list.

Why Monday?

Because on Friday, I leave for Madison, IN to attend a huge Author Fair at That Book Place (more details can be found here) and on Sunday, I have to sing at the 8am service.  So I'll most likely be napping or watching my DVR'd shows.  Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and be warm and sunny; I should have lots of pictures to share, and I look forward to meeting more local authors and fans:)

And thank you all who commented yesterday:)  It's nice to know we're not alone in the dreaded 'Can I do this?  Yes you can/No you can't' quandary.

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Lots of awesome news. Congrats the cover is beautiful. Huge Congrats on your newest contract! :)

Anonymous said...

A new release is always so exciting, isn't it? And I love the cover of Searching for Love. Well done!

Melissa Keir said...

Great cover! I love it too when an artist just "gets" the cover right! Congrats on all your good news!

Anonymous said...
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Carol Preflatish said...

See you on Friday and Saturday, Molly.

Anonymous said...
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Molly Daniels said...

@Kitty and Polly: Thank you:) I love it!

Molly Daniels said...

@Melissa: That is wonderful when an author and cover artist agree on something, rather than going back and forth....and some companies only give you two drafts to get it 'right'.

@Carol: Looking forward to seeing you!!