Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: A Look Back...

Still reading: View from the Fortieth on Ch 6...

Jan: Slightly depressed, because we now had waaayyy too many toys for the baby and was either going to have to get one child her own apartment or put more stuff into storage. Guess which choice won? Also screamed myself hoarse when my beloved Colts won the division title and not only played in the Super Bowl against Chicago, but won! Way to go, Manning:)

Feb: Found out about an online writer's group, which ultimately led to the website being built and the courage to keep writing and pursuing the publication of my 2nd book.

Mar: Finally did something for my hair cut and highlighted, boosting the self-confidence. Also talked hubby into paying for the upcoming WriteStuff Writer's Conference. Began my 'single-parent' duties when he went back to work.

Apr: Wrote non-stop for about 3 weeks and ended up adding roughly 100 pages to a WIP that's still unfinished. Attended conference and had my ego stroked as I hobnobbed with some local celebrities (I had my picture taken with a few!). Also encouraged other writers to pursue their dreams and me other authors who encouraged me to keep going. Most importantly, I reconnected with an old and dear friend.

May: Attended the Indianapolis 500 and was thrilled when my favorite new performer, Daughtry, sang "It's Not Over" right in front of us!

June: Attended my first local arts fair and started getting the word out about Book#1, Love is Sober, to the local community. Met a local gift shop owner who offered to sell a few copies on consignment. With this encouragement, I made the rounds at other stores, with mixed reviews. Barnes and Noble in Evansville hosted a signing for me, and I began the publishing process with AuthorHouse.

July: Hubby found out about A/H and was furious, but acknowledged I'd been wanting this for quite a while, and cooled off. Spent the weekend with him and surprised the kids with Harry Potter tickets.

Aug: "Met" several more authors online when I worked up the courage to email them with praise for their work, or what I had read on the blogs. Got involved with my first online chat and anxiously awaited the 1st day of school, including the toddler!

Sept: Met more people in the community when toddler entered Head Start. Was extremely encouraged by the request for books, and the offer of a signing in November. Started this blog, at the request of people who could not comment on my site. Also wrote Wild at Heart in 4 weeks.

Oct: My galleys arrived; signed off on the cover immediately and had to make corrections to the MS. When the second one arrived, a few mistakes were still there, but ones I could live with, as I needed the publication by Nov 17th.

Nov: Love Finds a Way available on Nov 7th! Happy dance:) NaNo nearly killed me, but my daily word count inspired others to stretch...

Dec: Learned a valuable lesson: Not everyone shares my sense of humor.

Goals for 2008?

-Submit, submit, submit #3, Forbidden Love and Wild at Heart.

-Attend Midwest Writer's Conference in July.

-Set up signings, at least one per month.

-If the time comes, or the opportunity comes, re-enter workforce and try 'part #2' of the Single Parent Test.

-Whittle down the 'stuff' in basement and storage.

-Remember to do a few things for myself, like skin care, hair cuts, new glasses, doctor appointments, dentist trip, etc. Dakota mentioned "taking better care of myself"...I think I'll join her in this goal!


Unknown said...

I am sure you will make your goals become realities

Anny Cook said...

Keep plugging. That's the most important part. Happy New Year.

Phoenix said...

Hang in there, Moll. Any news from other pub houses?

Molly Daniels said...

Starting tomorrow, I'm working on the query, and will start checking guidlines. Hopefully I'll start submitting ASAP:)