Monday, December 17, 2007

Todd Won!

Who would have thought? Watched the Survivor finale last night, and after Thursday night's episode, my money would have been on Amanda. Going into the vote last night, it looked like Courtney was the favorite. But Todd, whom Denise, Courtney, and Amanda all thought had made too many enemies on the jury, had the last laugh.

Now I'm just waiting for a good excuse to sit back and watch all the earlier episodes I missed...

And the next season looks fantastic; Fans Vs Favorites! Wonder if Rupert will be back???

In sadder news, Dan Fogleberg died yesterday. I love several of his songs; "Longer"; "Same Auld Lang Syne"; "Leader of the Band"; and my favorite, "Run for the Roses".

We are slowly digging out from under the snow and ice over the weekend. The temps are supposed to start rising by Wednesday, which makes me very happy! I still have some last-minute gifts to buy, and plan on doing my shopping on either Wed or Thursday. The teens get out of school on Friday, which means Saturday I will kick everyone out of the house so I can wrap everything. My sister's box arrived; nothing is wrapped, due to coming from Canada. And the toddler unwrapped the presents he picked out for me, so nothing can go under the tree until after he goes to bed Christmas Eve!

Today, I have more laundry to do. My oldest cleaned his room from top to bottom, and tossed every item of clothing he found on the floor down the chute. The deal is, he keeps the room cleaned up; a clear path to the chute in his closet; he can get his license next month. His room had had a mystery 'voice' for the last week; it turned out to be a watch that had something heavy on top of it, setting it off at random intervals.

Stay warm:)


Sommer Marsden said...

I am not so thrilled that Todd won. Sorry, but it's true. I did want Amanda or Denise. I like Denise. Even with the mullet ;)

My god! Where do I get a chute. I need a chute. That would make things so much easier. Damn.

Molly Daniels said...

I love my chute. It's the one redeeming factor in this house! Every house should have a laundry chute which drops the clothes in close proximty to the washer and dryer...

barbara huffert said...

Um, will you still talk to me if I confess I've never watched a reality show of any kind in my life?