Monday, December 3, 2007

His Mysterious Ways...

God really works miracles.

Who knew one would come in the form of a frozen brake cable?

On Saturday, I was all set to travel to Muncie, to proudly display all seven copies of Love Finds a Way and twenty-one copies of Love is Sober, and possibly make a little Christmas spending money:) And then my hubby sent me to the auto parts store for a quart of oil. I got the quart, poured it into the car, and then tried to leave.

Car refused to budge.

I called hubby; he and the guy from the auto parts store check it out and discovered the brake cable was frozen. So hubby took me home; collected his tools, and went to fix the problem.

I spent the next two hours hanging out with my daughter and toddler, watching cartoons and anxiously watching the clock. I called the gentleman who was in charge of the venue and explained the car problem and told him it looked as if I was not going to make it. I then looked upwards and said, "Lord, if there's some reason you don't want me to go to Muncie, I'll accept it. I'll be disappointed, but I'll accept it."

Five minutes later, hubby walked in the door and said he didn't understand it, but the cable retracted, and everything was fine. But, he was concerned about the weather and he was sorry I was missing my event. And then the phone rang.

Remember my 'second mom', who nearly died last October, then rallied and was able to go home? God called her home yesterday about the time the brake cable retracted.

My best friend, in tears over the death of her mom, pleaded with me to come get her and drive her to Evansville (she has no car, and the closest relative is in Chicago). Hubby handed me the keys and told me to go.

So I drove to Noblesville, picked her up, and we drove back to Evansville. For those of you not familiar with Indiana, I drove 3 hours north, and then 4 hours south. I was exhausted, so spent the night with her in her parents' home and drove home the next morning.

The funeral is tomorrow, and provided I can get a sitter for the baby, I'll be there. Otherwise, I'll get in the car tonight and go to the showing. Evansville is an hour south of me, and with the time change, I'll get down there the same time as I left, but it will take me 2 hours to come home!

I've also contacted the gentleman at the Author Showcase, who assured me he'll welcome me back next year.

In other news, Evil Kenival died last Friday. The man inspired many people to challenge their limits, and inspired me to keep my feet firmly on the ground.

Have a good day and stay warm!


Brynn Paulin said...
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Brynn Paulin said...
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Brynn Paulin said...

I'll always believe in miracles. They're all around us, but often unacknowledged. I'm glad you could be there for your friend.

Unknown said...

Sometimes you are just supposed to be in a certain place and fate will do whatever it has to to keep you there.

Sandra Cox said...

Muncie? Evansville? Girlfriend do you live in Indiana?