Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's Return Time...

Stayed out of the stores yesterday, to avoid the crowds. I did consent to take my teens last night at 9 pm, and thankfully they were in and out of Walmart in ten minutes, and even remembered to get their dear old Mom a pack of Polar Ice chewing gum.

Today, however, is THE DAY. My son received the wrong guitar for his Guitar Hero game; the one he received is for the computer, not the PS2. I received a winter coat that is too tight. Thankfully, those are the only two items to be exchanged this year! And since there is not Toys R Us in this town, we will be driving to Terre Haute, seeing my best friend, and finally giving her kids their long-awaited birthday/Christmas gifts! Oh...and also received gift cards to the Olive Garden...guess where we're going for lunch?

My SIL is dropping by tomorrow, so either before we go or after we return, it's a whirlwind cleaning session for the entire family. I also have two more Christmas cards to send, as I ran out of stamps on Saturday.

Spent an hour last night, copying all my e-books to floppy disk, and discovered on some of them I could only get two per disk. And yes, I matched them up by authors:) Now if I could just find that list...another goal today is to clear the piles of paper on my desk. I know that it has gotten shoved somewhere; it is just hiding from me until payday:)

If you're still on the road, travel safely and enjoy your time with family!