Friday, December 28, 2007

'Tis the Season...

We're only on Day #2 of the vacation and already I've developed two bad habits.

1) I slept until 10 am, completely missing my morning news and had to check the internet to see what the weather was going to be like today...hahaha...turns out all I had to do was look out the window! It's raining, and the dog refused to go outside.

2) The house is a mess. Toys scattered; the tiny fragments of forgotten wrapping paper under chairs or peeking out from under cushions. The dishes piled in the sink. I had to go searching for a coffee cup on a top shelf (the ones my hubby refused to be packed away, even though they've not been used in over a year) because the pretty ones I use are still in the sink.

So today is the massive Operation Clean-Up chore. No, the decorations won't come down until next week, but my SIL is due to arrive sometime today, and I'm tired of tripping over the baby's toys. As I'm typing, the dishes have already been washed and put away (Thank you Kyle!) and as soon as I drink one more cup of coffee I'm getting dressed and motivating the troops to get to work.

The bright spot in all of this? I found my TBB list! It had gotten folded inside my 'bragging rights' newspaper clip when my oldest had his picture in the local paper! And I was of Brynn's is next!

And who knew? We went all over Terre Haute yesterday, looking for the PS2 guitar. Sold Out. We come home; my son pleaded for someone to take him out to our tiny Walmart, and....there it was! Go figure...the 'big city' had none, and what he wanted was in his figurative back yard (or in this case, the front yard??) the entire time...

Also on the to-do list: Update my website. I've not copied any blog posts in the last week, and any readers who don't go to this site are out there scratching their heads and saying, "Uh, Molly? Did you forget to post? How was your Christmas? Did you forget about me?"

Okay. Maybe that's a little egotistical. But I promise to do better in the coming weeks!


Sandra Cox said...

Sleeping till 10 is a good thing:) and your house being a mess makes me fell better knowing I am not alone:)

Molly Daniels said...

Operation Clean-Up has been postponed until tomorrow; no one was very motivated today:)

Sandra Cox said...

Good morning, Ms. Molly. Good luck with the cleanup. I'm going to manage to put mine off for another day also.