Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fond Memories

If anyone is interested, my son found a great website to test your vocabulary. Go to and enjoy:)

Over dinner last night, the topic of Christmas traditions was discussed. One of my favorites growing up was the Advent ceremonies we held every Sunday night during Advent. Our church passed out these little red booklets to every family or Sunday School child, and my sister and I eagerly looked forward to the ritual every year.

My mom would make the Advent wreath; 4 white or pink taper candles on a circle of craft styrofoam, with a purple one in the center. Every Sunday, my sister and I would take turns lighting the candles, reading the Scripture verses, reciting the prayer, and then leading the rest of us in the chosen Christmas Carol. I don't know if those booklets still exist or not; it's something I wish I could share with my own children.

Bought the last of the presents on my list yesterday. Saturday, I plan on wrapping everything. Hubby will disappear with the kids for several hours; I will turn on my favorite Christmas CD and hopefully remember where I hid everything! One year, I lost half of it, and so we had an extended 'Christmas in July' when the rest of it was found! I've already warned my sister that her box will most likely arrive in January...and my BFF and I haven't been able to arrange a time to meet halfway between our houses, so I'll probably end up mailing hers as well. The good news is, all my Christmas cards are finished; I just have to stamp them and drop them in the mail:)

Today, I'm baking more banana bread, brownies, and fudge. And we were so stuffed from dinner at Garfield's last night, we didn't even touch my cake! I drank a chocolate martini; ate potato skins, chicken alfredo, and the server brought me a huge chocolate sundae and a slice of their 7-layer chocolate cake. I was so stuffed, I didn't even order the Mudslide.

And then we drove to the park to see the Christmas Light displays, and came home. Drank one of my White Russians at 10, as I promised Sommer, and went to bed.

Only 2 more days of school left! I can sleep in next week!

And learned that 2 more people have bought copies of Love Finds a Way:)


Sommer Marsden said...

hey now! i get blamed for the alcohol. isn't that always the way ;)

sounds lovely. i need to do more of that. the stopping and enjoying. all the preparing and spazzing is useless if you don't do the stopping and enjoying!

I cannot wait to sleep in! I won't...but the option is v. nice :)

Molly Daniels said...

I wasn't blaming you, LOL:) I was celebrating the end of the shopping! I probably won't sleep in either...although nowadays, 'sleeping in' means 7:30!