Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Who Raised My Body Heat?

Currently reading: Rule Britannia, by Daphne du Maurier.
E-book: Finished Garron's Gift by Carol Lyn. This was good, and now I wish I'd started with the first one in the series! Who knew this one little town had so many people exploring different lifestyles? Also bought Twin Temptation, (same author!) and I'll probably get to it by Friday. More Christmas cookies to make this week! The next ones in the rotation will be Swift of Heart and Last Man Standing. I'm trying to not play favorites here...the next one was actually a book that is part of the contest, so am hoping to win it:)

9:00 pm- Finished Twin Temptation...found it a little disturbing that the acceptance level was so calm/high. Don't know if I would be as open-minded if one of my children came to me with the announcement of "I'm dating both..." On the other hand, it made me want to read both Sonny's and Rawley's stories!

Okay...this is getting a little out of control.

I understand that menapause brings hot flashes and night sweats. But why doesn't it hit me during the day, when it is cold outside, and I'm running around doing errands wishing it was at least 70 degrees? (I'll even settle for 60!) No.....it hits me when I'm finally warm, bundled in my fleece pj pants and cotton T-shirt, with my long fleece robe and fleece slippers. I turn off the lights, irritating my daughter who 'just wants to read one more chapter' in my fascinating newly published book, and return to my own solitary king-sized bed. I snuggle in, relishing the thought of a good night's sleep, and BAM! Suddenly I'm so hot, I feel I could set the bed on fire.

So I throw off the covers...hey, I'm alone, and there's no hubby to piss off...and settle down again. Suddenly, my teeth are threatening to chatter, I'm so cold. So its back under the covers again, and sometimes I try to leave one leg out.

Four hours later, I wake to discover my dog is panting in my ear, wanting to go outside, and I'm on my back, lying on top of the covers again. Why am I not cold? The minute I sit up, the heat is back. I pad to the back door and welcome the chilly night air as I snap Lucky on her chain. I stand outside for a few seconds and go back inside. Fortunately, sleep comes quickly.

The alarm wakes me up, and as I shut it off, I discover I really don't want to leave the warmth of my bed. But finally, I have no choice. My son can't drive himself to school yet, and even if he did, I'd have no transportation! So I drag myself out of bed, drink a cup of coffee and watch the weather. Today, it's good news: The rain will stay to the north of Indianapolis, and hopefully hubby will work until the hurricane/typhoon gets here on Thursday. And we're going to be in the lower 60's again! Okay, today's not the day to make chili...save it for Thursday.

I get everyone to school (on time; daughter knows she'll be grounded from everything techno if she's late again!) and return home. My basement is cold; I need to wait for it to warm up a little before I go down and shower. I'm drinking my 2nd cup of coffee and typing this slightly sarcastic post, and fighting the lesser flashes of heat that threatens to invade my body.

I'm barely over 40...I thought I had at least 8-10 years for this to happen! Although...when W made his tiny enbryonic self known, I was praying it was the onset of the change. No, not quite. A change, yes, but not that one!

Speaking of which, when will that delightful symptom appear? Since we've had the same box of condoms for 8 months now, and only half are gone, I'm no longer panicked when I run slightly late. Although hubby will return next week to stay until at least March, maybe we'll actually start on the 2nd box (when he ended up staying with me at the conference last April, I made him buy a box!).

I guess there's something in the air, er, blog or cyberspace. Everyone's cranky this week! Dakota's sleep-deprived; Kelly vented her frustration on poor Emmaline; AJ's looking for a job to hold her until her royalties can support her Tim-Tam habit; I'm having hot flashes. For a calming influence, visit http://www.annycook.blogspot.com/ and take deep, cleansing breaths. And enjoy her trips down Memory Lane:) And if I have any new readers, check out the blogs to the right and enter the '12 Days of Christmas' contest going on. I'm not part of it, but there are 6 books that I would definitely like to win:) I've already purchased some of the others...I'd be happy with even 2nd place!

So in the meantime, I hope I get a hot flash while I'm in the shower. It will help the tiny space heater keep me somewhat warm once I shut the water off. Have a great day, and pay no attention to the above ramblings of a woman whose body heat thermostat has suddenly gone crazy!


Brynn Paulin said...

Hey, hot flashes are good in this kind of weather, lol.

I hope you enjoy Twin Temptations. It's pretty good. Carol handles the subject very well. I just got to read her December release of Cattlevalley Mistletoe. It's great! I never read M/M before Carol. Now she's hooked me.

Bronwyn Green said...

I always have to leave a leg out for a while at night. Drives hubby nuts.

Molly Daniels said...

I never read any M/M before either, until I read her excerpts on LRC last Aug. Now I'm hooked on the plot, and somwhat skip over the sex...ok, who am I kidding? I read it:)

There's another author who writes F/F. And since I have one in book #6, I want to read it and see if I've handled the lifestyle correctly!

K's Eagle project ideas change monthly. When he was a young scout, and planning how to make Eagle before getting his license, he first wanted to improve our little community up in Morgan County. Then he decided to do something with the church we attended. Now we're down here, and he's looking into seeing if improving this troop's trailer will qualify. And then there's his park project...I fell over a parking baricade last spring, and he's thinking about maybe putting in some taller ones. So he doesn't know what he'll end up doing yet! (Just saw your comment on yesterday's post!)

Molly Daniels said...

And Bron, I guess I drove hubby nuts when he was home for 4 days, with my thrashing around at night. But since there's no privacy in the house, and sometimes the toddler sleeps with us, I can't very well sleep naked!

Phoenix said...

Can't relate. But thought I'd stop by and say hi.

Molly Daniels said...

Hi Kelly:) Just giving you a hint of what's to come in 20 years, hahaha...

Unknown said...

I can hardly wait for menopause...bring it on baby!