Friday, January 11, 2008

2nd Resolution...

E-book: On Your Knees, by Brynn Paulin. One word. WOW! Couldn't leave it alone, and can't wait to read Theo's and Max's stories:) Told you I'd get around to buying up is...Incognito, by Lisabet Sarai. Most likely sometime next week.

Still reading The Exorcist...had to put it down and go to bed, and literally pray myself to sleep...I know,'s only fiction, but my imagination has trouble with horror sometimes!

Remember I said I was going to do things for myself, a little at a time? I had my hair cut the other day.

Short. Think....Dorothy Hamill meets Keri Strugg.

It is below my ears, and my natural curliness has decided to finally come back. Only took it 17 or more years...I think the last time it had this much natural curl in it was 1986...I've had short hair since, don't get me wrong, but the only curls were chemically enhanced!

Still, I like it. Why the change? I'll admit...part of it was due to what happened on Tuesday. And I was thinking of cutting it in about a month anyway.

The good part is I'm no longer sporting tri-color hair. The down part? I really liked the blonde color, so maybe that will happen again in four weeks.

Saw something interesting the other day. Hubby is a fan of Sylvia Brown, and when he's home, he always watches her on The Montel Williams Show, every Wednesday. This particular episode drew me in, because of a question one of the audience members asked.

The question was about the person's child, who was all of a sudden warning her mother not to go near the cliff, or to stay away from bodies of water. Sylvia said the child was remembering a past life.

I neither believe nor disbelieve this stuff...some people are convinced it's true; others are vehemently opposed. My view is 'okay, believe what you want.' But this particular claim is hitting close to home.

Why? For the past 2 months or so, my own toddler has insisted he 'lives in a blue house with his other mommy and daddy', and some of the stories he's told us of his 'other parents' has us going back and forth between humoring him and wanting to put a gag on him when the stories get too fantastic. On the other hand, maybe I should write some of them down and turn them into my own paranormal book? There's an idea...make money off my imaginative child! At least until he's old enough to write it down himself, LOL:)

My SIL, whose mother was a full-blood American Indian, said 'past life' when we told her what was coming out of W's mouth. I was expecting laughter, and this is what she says? topic please...But she's very spiritual about her Indian heritage, so I don't push the issue. Again, believe what you want. Don't force it on me or try to convince me otherwise.

Tomorrow, my oldest has his interview for a staff position at the Boy Scout Camp in Bloomington. At this time, it is undecided if we are all making the trip, as hubby wants to go to Martinsville and go through the storage unit. Since he's mentioned throwing out anything he considers 'trash', my books and a box of momentoes are at risk. On one hand I feel the need to go in order not to lose anything; on the other, do I really want to get up at 6 am on a Saturday? I can DVR my 90210...that's not the issue. And then the weather is another factor...I know...just shut up and do it already, I hear you shouting. I can sleep in the car, and the heater is fixed in the van...

Have a great weekend:)


Smut Girl said...

Oh, you are brave. Brave! I am terrified of possession (irrational, I am aware) and anything to do with it will have me in a praying tiz. :)

REad her book (Syvlia Browne) Past Lives, Future Healing. It will rock your world.

Happy Friday!

Bronwyn's Blog said...

If you liked On Your Knees, you'll LOVE the other two!!!

Brynn Paulin said...

Whoa! Thanks Molly! You just made my day :-)

Amarinda Jones said...

I totally believe in past lives, reincarnation and the belief that we are supposed to learn something with each life...not sure what that is at the moment...

Molly Daniels said...

Sommer: I'm up to the actual exorcism part. As it's 8pm, maybe I'll wait till tomorrow to finish!

B&B: I hope so and you're welcome:)

AJ: Don't know what I'm supposed to learn, either!

barbara huffert said...

Absolutely write it all down as he tells you. Then go back and reread it all at once. Maybe then you'll know what it's telling you. I love things like that.

Kelly Kirch said...

Want a freak you out, well written, seriously disturbing, sexy book which will make your nose crinkle and bug your eyes??? Go to EC and look for a book titled Venereus. ACK!

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