Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bad Timing?

Almost everything in life depends on the right timing. Astrologers believe what was going on in the night sky one was born affects a person forever. Some people are seemingly 'born lucky'. Others, not so lucky.

I think I've got bad timing down to almost an art form.


For starters, I started writing my series, only to have something similar end up on television. And when I scraped up the courage to pursue publishing, the series 'Felicity' was on television, and some of the episodes were eerily close to the same themes I had chosen.

Secondly, my first book is published; 10 days later, my hubby is having heart surgery. Six months later, I learn a little blessing is on the way. My visions of promotion go up in smoke when I'm forbidden by the doctor to carry anything heavier than a plate of food.

It's a known fact in my husband's family that if I'm ready to leave a family gathering, all I have to do is join the women. Instant clean-up activities, and the party's over.

A couple of times I've decided to join in a chat here or there...and suddenly, I realize I'm the only one who's posting.

It's all in the timing...and I wish someone would tell me how to reset my inner watch!

Oh, it's not all bad. I do play a scratch-off lotto ticket here and there, and actually win some cash...or a free ticket. And my second book arrived in time for the Christmas rush, so can't complain about that.

Just chalk this one up to the email I sent Kelly, the one that's now on her blog and the fact I'm still wearing a gray sweatshirt. "I ran over a Smurf because Big Bird told me to and he's my leader!"

With that said, time for another bowl of Chex Mix and to pop another load of laundry in the wash.


Phoenix said...

I'll send you a heads up when there's a to do for chatters. And my husbands was, "I danced with my best friend's boyfriend because Big Bird told me to and he's my leader." See? Poor Scott.

Unknown said...

Luck? Bad timing? Don't make me give my opinion on this.