Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Welcome to Arbordale:)

Currently Reading: The Fabulous Onassis: His Life and Loves, by Christian Cafarakis. Haven't begun this one yet. 4 more books and I'll be on to another box...
E-book: Finished Sonny's Salvation. Great start to this series! I'll probably get to Rawley's story later tonight. I've read two others in this series, out of order, so I kind of already know what's going to happen, but it's still interesting to see the details unfold!

Thought I would give you a treat; an 'introduction' of sorts to my fictional town. I've had new readers lately, and since I've not posted any excerpts of the two published books lately, here's a glimpse of what the entire series is about.

Romance is blossoming in the quiet university town of Arbordale, Indiana. Arbor University, a fictional college located in the southwest region of the state, plays host to a multitude of young people, all hoping to achieve a strong sense of identity and to assert their independence while away at school. It is also a time when young adults of various personalities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and social upbringing are thrown together in diverse living conditions and are expected to adapt accordingly.

Set in the 1980’s, several young women encounter separate social problems and struggle to deal with the conflicts which erupt not only among each other, but within themselves. The Arbor University Tales chronicles the college lives of these friends as they fight for the men they love, hold onto their friendships, and keep their eyes on the future.

Books 1-6 take place around the dormitory of Emery Hall, an all-girls dorm. Amy Callahan and Caitlyn McCarthy share a single room, the traditional Resident Assistant's room. Down the hallway, Gretchen McLaren, Elicia Keller, Keri Patterson, and Stephanie Ridgeman have a suite. All of the rooms have private bathrooms.

The men they fall in love with occupy various residences. Eric Timmons lives in Berkely Hall; Kyle Sampson and Lance Edwards live off-campus; Bryan Johnson attends the University of Illinois; and Matt Slagal is in the Air Force, stationed at George Air Force Base in southern California. However, he grew up across the river from Arbordale, in a tiny town called Brookview, Illinois.

In book #7, a new dormitory is added, Fayette-Giles. The campus is expanding, and as old friends graduate, new faces emerge to continue the saga.

This series shows how even good kids can make bad choices, and how those choices can affect relationships, shape characters, and even change their lives.

Elicia's and Amy's stories have been published; I'm still waiting to hear from another e-publisher concerning Keri's story. If it is rejected, then I'll keep submitting it until someone decides it's worth publishing. And then it will be Gretchen's, Caitlyn's, Stephanie's and Susan's turns...Who's Susan? You'll meet her in book #4, along with Lynne. I'm still working on #8.

So welcome to Arbordale; take a trip back in time to the mid-1980's. By the time the series is finished, who knows what year it will be? Book #13 takes place in 1993...#14 in 2003. I may fill in some blanks here and there! Visit my website and click on the 'Books' page for more information. And if you see something you like, or think of a social problem I've not touched on, let me know!

Kelly's got some great promotional ideas on her blog, (where do you think I got the idea for today? LOL) She's also getting antsy about seeing her first book in print on Valentine's Day...only 22 more days! Yes, I can't wait for Time for Love to be out, either...she posted an excerpt yesterday, so if you missed it, go back and read it! And Anny's got the Saga today, ...cracked me up this morning!


Sandra Cox said...

Thanks for the drive through your town.

anny cook said...

Onassis. Now there's a name I haven't heard in a while. Glad you liked the blog.

Unknown said...

Sounds peachy keen jelly bean

Phoenix said...

Thank you, dearie. Any promo is good promo. Okay, enough with the pep talk. I WANT MY BLEEDIN' COVERART. Sheesh. The book's almost here and still nuthin'.