Sunday, January 13, 2008

Semi-Lazy Day...

Currnetly Reading: Made in America, by Sam Walton. I didn't really start shopping at Walmart until the 90's, although I knew there was one in the town where I attended college. If you read #3 in my series, it reflects the local pet-name, and I'm sure there are some who still call it by that name, Wally-World.

Remember yesterday I had a taste for lasagna? Well, the boys returned with a taste for hamburgers and French Fries. And today, they all want fried chicken. So my Italian meal will be tomorrow night! Wow...I spent an hour in the kitchen, was overruled as to what everyone else's tastebuds were craving...but that means I don't have to cook until Tuesday!

Yup...hubby has a 'secret formula' for making the hamburgers, and Grandma's recipe for the chicken. Since I don't care for fried chicken, I get two skinless, boneless chicken breasts all to myself. Yes, I'll make the side dishes, but hubby and the kids do the majority of the work. I'll probably help with KP duty, though...

I've done a couple of loads of laundry...the Tuesday thing came back to haunt us...but I believe it's been eliminated again. If not, I'm shaving my daughter's head.

It's 5 pm and the kids just left for Youth Group. It's strange when your children come to you and say, "Meeting at 5; can we have the car?" for the first time! But on the upside...I don't have to shuttle them here and there anymore, ha ha...and if I need something from the store...unless I've been cooped up all day, I can send K!

Our church is offering a "Why Catholic", small-group study during Lent. I'm not Catholic, but I think it would be good for the kids. I began attending small group Bible Study in the 8th grade. Daughter's only in 7th, but the Catholic confirmation is in the 10th grade, not 7th. I've got a week to fill out the card; Hubby just informed he doesn't feel comfortable in those settings. So I don't know. Maybe I'll just sign up for one of the women's groups. It's only a 6-week thing, and who knows...maybe I can also make a few friends along the way? And no, I'm not planning on converting.

Did I mention I was offered a job last week? Head Start has taken over a local daycare, and needs teacher's assistants. I've done this before, and wouldn't have to commit to a set schedule. If they need me, they call me, and if I'm busy, I can say 'no' for that day. I haven't filled out the application yet, due to last week's craziness with the submission and the health problem, but maybe I'll get it filled out and turned in tomorrow.

Hubby's got the chicken defrosted; time for me to clear off the table so he can start getting everything ready. My kitchen has zero counterspace, aside from the sink area, so food prep is done at the table. I cracked out the ice a few moments ago, but haven't filled them. So, off to fill the 5 ice trays and wipe down the table!


Unknown said...

See, if I cooked there would be no choices.

Phoenix said...

No choices here either and I do cook. They eat what I make or too bad. Ultimate power, muhahahahah!

I have a trick for the "revisitors". works like a charm. Will send it off blog.

Molly Daniels said...

Usually, that's the way it works. Just not this past weekend:)