Friday, January 4, 2008

It's Quiet Around Here

Currently Reading: The Other Boleyn Girl, by Phillippa Gregory. Baby Catherine is about a year, and Mary's pregnant again. So far, it's entertaining. And makes me glad I wasn't born back then!

Who knew getting rid of one teenager temporarily would cause a peaceful, serene atmosphere in the house?

Well, okay. Partial serenity. The toddler is still around.

My daughter is in another town, helping some friends of ours paint their kitchen, clean carpets, and just in general getting away from her brothers. She's only called home once, and that was a text message saying 'Happy New Year'. She's expected back on Sunday. And it has been peaceful, not hearing any arguing over the PS2, the television, or even the computer. Wait, scrap that last one. I'm still being told to minimize my own usage.

But I did get the book I have been reading, the View from the Fortieth Floor, finished:) Made me realize how lonely it is at the top of the corporate ladder, and how thankful I am to not have to climb it? But then again, I am second-in-command around here for the next couple of months, so I guess in a way everyone has their own version.

I love being my own boss. I set my own hours; I work in my jammies if I want to. I can check my royalty statement while wearing a robe and slippers and drinking my morning coffee. Or, I can write with my hair in a bun and wearing my good jeans, a shirt that I know looks fantastic on me, and good shoes.

As I said a few months back, the definition of 'Work' in this household is somewhat puzzling to the other members of my family. Dad 'works'...he disappears during the week, collects a paycheck, and comes home with dirty, oily clothes and I'm cautioned if diesel fuel, concrete chunks, or asphault stains need special treatment. My kids 'work'...they have chores around the house, and their homework from school. But when Mom 'works', is it really work? Sure, she cleans the house, does Laundry Goddess duties, and cooks meals. And when she's doing a book signing, everyone is thrilled by the sales. But checking e-mail, blogging, participating in that really 'work'?

You bet it is! I'm promoting myself and keeping my name out there. I'm networking with other authors, getting advice and ideas on how to be a better author. And it really makes me see red when a family member puts me down for spending more than a few minutes online, or threatens to pull the plug or even cancel the internet altogether.

But don't worry; I've been married to him for nearly 17 years. I know how far I can push, and when I've pushed too far. So for the past couple of days, I've stayed off, and calmly let him know how many emails have piled up by me not dropping by more often. Sometimes I feel as if I need to rent office space somewhere, just so I could work uninterrupted. But then he'd find something else to complain about. So I grit my teeth and remind myself, it's only three's only three months...

And he's witnessed, first-hand, what happens when I get 'in the zone' and have to write. And surprisingly enough, he's understanding when this happens. So I guess as long as my writing stints involve having a notebook and pen, he's cool with my 'work'? I know...makes no sense. But he's old-school; the man's in his fifties.

One of these days, he'll look up and say, "Good job, Moll. I can retire and your books can pay the bills."

I can only hope!


Amarinda Jones said...

One of the hardest jobs in the world is being a stay at home mum.

Molly Daniels said...

According to a survey several years ago, I am waaayyy underpaid:)