Thursday, January 3, 2008


Currently Reading: Still on the same book...chapter 14 now! When hubby's home, my reading really takes a hit sometimes...
E-book: This is D's 'waiting week' so no payday this week. No payday=No books bought.

We finally dedecorated! Took down our defective tree and boxed it up; will donate it tomorrow. Lights are all down, the inside decorations are boxed up for another year. All that remains is the table I used to wrap gifts; hold the baked goods and candy; the food on Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. Tomorrow, it will be collapsed and taken to the basement.

Someone asked me yesterday what I meant when I said my characters didn't know they had met. Wasn't there an initial spark or mutual attraction? On her part, yes. His looks made her weak in the knees, and not just from fright. While he's merely complimenting her on the meal she prepared, he has no idea their paths will soon cross again.

Sometimes I sketch out a rough idea of how I want the events to unfold, and sometimes I simply sit down and let it flow. This current wip is a mixture of both. I don't have anything written down in the form of Events ABCD...but it's in my head and continuing to flow. Although, if I get more days like today, where I simply don't have the time to write (due to other people needing me or the computer), I may have to make that outline. But that doesn't always mean I'll follow it!

And I know...what happened to my goal of working on #8? It's only January 3... plenty of time for Lynne, Nick, Kevin, and whoever else to get through the winter of 1989...when I get blocked on this wip, I'll return to Arbordale and write some more!

And on the publishing goal? I'm one step closer...I found several e-pubbs I want to submit #3 to and took a look at the guidelines. But got sidetracked before I could pull up the query letter. I'll do that either later tonight or tomorrow.

I set my alarm this morning, to take the toddler to school, but managed to sleep through it.

Tonight on the TV? Celebrity Apprentice! Gene Simmons, Steven Baldwin, and (gag!) Omarosa's back. Trump calls her 'intelligent.' Did he not watch Season #1's finale? She flat-out lied! But it's his show and not mine...I skipped Season #4. Couldn't bring myself to watch it.

Also, Gloria Reuben's back on ER tonight. Can't wait to see that!

For two more intriguing books, visit and Anny's broken through her writer's block and redesigned her website. Looks great! And Dakota posted a treat...Peyton Manning and Troy Aikman on her blog! I've been drooling all day:)


Unknown said...

I am sure you will find the perefct e-pub for you.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks, AJ...I hope so!