Thursday, January 24, 2008

Now I know...

Currently Reading: Speak to Me of Love, by Dorothy Eden. I'm on chapter 9. The Onassis book was good. The author worked as a waiter aboard the Christina, Onassis' private yacht.

No, I've not heard back from the publisher. But I do know why my first book kept getting rejected! Hindsight's 20/20...

As you've probably know, I haven't written anything on my wips for a couple of weeks. Writer's block is when "your imaginary friends won't talk to you"...well, mine are talking in my head; they just won't let me write anything down! I guess they want the conversation to be 'perfect'...not just random thoughts strung together. And that's fine with me...just watch out when they decide it's time for the flood of words to pour from my fingertips!

Since I had a crucial disk crash on me two weeks ago, I realized I only had one copy of all seven of my synpopsis...on one disk. I tried to make a copy of the disk (success!) and then copy my Lotus Word files into Word (failure). Why my computer refuses to let me do this, I don't know. So I printed them out and have retyped them into Word.

This is where I could seriously use the software that would allow me to read the words and have them magically appear on the screen! But 3 down, only four more to go...and halfway through the first page of LIS, I realized several things.

1) Wayne and Brent do not have last names;
2) Eric lives in what dorm? Don't know!
3) Lotus spell-check did not catch a couple of typo's;
4) The whole synopsis reads like it was written the night before it was due!

And, of course, I have changed the very bad title to Love on the Rocks! But, it was a learning experience, and hopefully by the time readers get to #3, they will have forgiven me for my errors...I hope I hear back soon on the progress on Forbidden Love, because I desperately need a new title for Gretchen's story. And that's another error I found. I saved all my synops with the initials of the titles. Gretchen's working title is Love the Second Time Around (LTSTA). My dyslexic fingers came out with LYSTA. As I said, I want to change it.

Finally watched Celebrity Apprentice from last week, and it left me with my mouth hanging open. Gene Simmons either wanted to be fired, or badly wanted to get rid of Omarosa. Even Trump was stunned, but ultimately fired him. Neither Omarosa or the other girl deserved to be brought back into the board room. Nelly, yes. She didn't listen to the executives, but Trump can only fire them if they're brought back to the boardroom! I guess Gene figured, "Hey, my charity won $40 K so I can quit now..." Who knows? Can't wait to see what happens DVR quit before the coming attractions, so I'll find out tonight. End of subject.

Anny's posted a hilarious picture on her blog. Check it out and go over to Sommer's blog and say 'hi'...she's feeling lonely. Do the same at AJ's...she's paying bills and if you ever wanted to see what Australian currency looked like, she's got a picture of it at . And drop by Kelly's and ask her what she was drinking when she wrote her part of the saga?

Back to my synopsis...I've had to put my carpel splint on again. Damn wrists...


Anny Cook said...

Hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20. Good luck with it!

Unknown said...

I adore hindsight. We should bottle this little miracle

barbara huffert said...

Your "friends" are just waiting for you to finish up retyping everything. They're giving you time to ponder things like you've noticed. Once you have the last synopsis in they'll take over. That's what my "friends" told me is going on with yours. :)

Molly Daniels said...

Ha ha:) So my 'friends' are talking to yours, Barb? What else are they saying?

Proof we should live closer together!

Phoenix said...

I was going to ask if you had news from the submission. Question answered!!! Now show those characters who's boss and put their words on paper. You can do it.