Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back to Reality...

Tomorrow my kids return to school. Usually I'm doing the happy dance, but for whatever reason, the past two weeks have thrown me completely off my schedule!

I sleep until 8 or 9. Okay while on vacation, but I've set my alarm three times in the past five and slept through it every time except once. And that was at 8:30 on Saturday, and only because it's my weekly 90210 dose of teen angst. I have to be up by no later than 7:15 tomorrow in order to get dressed, drink one or two cups of coffee, and take my toddler to school. Thank God hubby is going to take the teens! And my oldest doesn't have that 7 am class anymore.

I've been staying up later, at least 12 or 1 am. I need a lot of sleep. I'm not a morning person, and need at least 8 or 9 hours!

Before vacation, I would take the kids to school, then come home, blog, shower, and write until time to pick up the toddler. The past week, it's been hit-and-miss; I'm well into chapter 2 of the wip, but haven't touched it at all today. So who knows what will happen tomorrow, when it's just hubby and I? Yeah, yeah, yeah...get your mind out of the gutter...that will probably happen also, but I'm talking about my writing here...

And what happens if you're a trend-setter, but don't like the trend you've set? I saw a commercial the other day for tri-color highlights. I already have tri-color hair, and don't like it! (In all fairness, I acknowledge I probably did NOT set this trend:) I've said this hair is a lovely shade of blonde from the back of my head to the shoulders; a darker blonde starting at the crown; and silver strands are starting to take over my roots and streak toward my ears. When I get in public lighting, such as a public bathroom, I cringe when I see myself. The lighting in my own home is so bad I can be easily deluded into thinking it looks of the first things I'm doing for myself (see goals, Jan 1st entry) is getting my hair cut and re-highlighted!

Update on my aunt: She's hanging in there. She's been moved out of Critical Care and into Intermediate, but the family is on Stand-by. Haven't been in to see her yet...maybe tomorrow.

Sandra's got a contest on her blog tomorrow, but you have to read the info today to know you're entering it! Anny's got an a-peel-ing story on and AJ...well, you just have to stop by and see her comments on the storybook lives of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head! Vist and see for yourself! Who knew potatoes could be so sexy? And Kelly's doing something potato-ey on Monday. Called my sis to ask her if she'd heard anything about the 'Year of the Potato' and she hadn't a clue! And yes, congratulated her on her anniversary and told her about my party. While we were eating Red Velvet Cake and ice cream, she was consuming seafood and Creme Brulee...Anybody ever been to The Cannery in Vancouver? That's where my brother-in-law took her!

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