Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm a Guy's Girl...

Currently Reading: Christy, by Catherine Marshall. Is this the book the mini-series, staring Kellie Martin, was based on? Didn't see it, and the book jacket description sounds vaguely familiar.
I had to put back Land I Have Chosen. About chapter 5 I realized I wasn't really reading anymore; just skimming.
And just devoured Stephen King's On Writing, in preparation for the workshop tonight...
E-book: Finished Incognito. Question...I've always been told the heroine must remain faithful to the hero. So why does this one get away with having 7 or more partners? If she's allowed to break the rules, I suppose there's hope for my Wild at Heart well as a couple of ones in my series!

Another author blogged about this topic the other day and it brought to mind one of my favorite HS incidents.

As a junior, I decided to attend the Basic Youth Conflicts seminar in Indianapolis. Several of my friends had attended the year before, and I was looking forward to it. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I was the only girl who had signed up! But no problem; the guys and I had a fantastic time during the week, and a 'romance' even took off between myself and the brother of my 1st boyfriend.

The conference lasted a week, and we stayed overnight on the Friday and Saturday. My church had to send two female chaperones along so I wouldn't have to sleep in a room by myself, because I obviously would not be able to share with the men! Saturday morning, the first revelation: I could hold my own at the breakfast table.

"Molly, are you going to finish your pancakes?"

"Yes I am. Keep your hands off, Mike!"

Lunchtime: 2nd revelation. I'm able to consume massive amounts of chocolate without worrying about my waistline or complexion.

"Here...let me help you eat that."

(Slap!) "Eat your own, Peterson!" (He still had his own box, half-full! Why eat mine?)

Intermission before dinner: Revelation #3...Hey...Molly will come in handy!

"Hey Moll...have you seen the chick that's making eyes at Ken?"

"Yeah...I wish she'd put her tongue back in her mouth..."

"Would you pretend you're with him so she'll quit following him around?"

"No problem."

I went into the bathroom and as I'm washing my hands, the girl walks up to me and askes, "Who's the good-looking guy you're with?"

I smiled and said, "Which one? I'm here with eight good-looking guys!" I dried my hands and went out the door, her right behind me.

I saw Ken and immediately slipped my hand into his, put my head on his shoulder, and asked him if we could leave early to return to the motel. That was the last we ever saw of that girl...

And my 'romance'? He became my 'Sunday Night Date' the rest of the year. I was drooling over another guy in my band who played tuba/oboe/bass violin. And before I realized what a great guy I was tossing back, another girl snapped him up! Oh well...when I dated his brother, I swore that if he and I ever married, I was keeping my maiden name. So it wasn't meant to be, after all!


Bronwyn Green said...

Love the line in the bathroom! Good for you!!

BTW, I've tagged you for a meme. Come visit me here for the info.

Unknown said...

Ok - rules for who the H & H end up with differ from pub to pub that's why you need to read each pubs guidelines

Unknown said...

Tag - You're it...dang you already got tagged. Well I don't have any other friends so you're it again

Brynn Paulin said...

Hey Mol, Incognito is rated Total-e-taboo. In the taboo books, the rules all change. They're not your traditional romance with happily ever after. They run more along the line of erotica/erotic woman's fiction than romance.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks for clearing that up:)