Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back In The Zone:)

Currently Reading: I'm up to Chapter 16 on Getting Naked at the Hilton! Halfway through and they're already talking marriage...after 2 days together! Looking forward to seeing what other obstacles Dee puts in their way...I've had a couple of head-shake moments, but oh well...I'm liking it!

And it feels great!

Yesterday, after I checked my email and posted my blog entry, I sent the PC to 'sleep' so I could get dressed, make the bed, and putz around in the kitchen for a few minutes.

As soon as I stood up, words began running through my brain.

And kept going, as I finished my morning chores, made a pitcher of iced tea, and checked with the spouse that he had nothing pressing planned.

I sat back down and 'woke up' the PC; opened a new document; and....wrote.

For three solid hours.

I barely remember D leaving to pick up W; all I know is that when my creative burst wore off, I had four pages typed, the beginning of a fantastic new story started, and a growling tummy.

I stood up and stretched; went into the kitchen to finish making the tea, and put a pan of water to boil. When I'm cold, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is my favorite lunch. D and W arrived as I was dumping in the noodles, and I told him about the new story.

W helped me eat the mac-n-cheese, and then wanted Diego on the TV. I set out a small roast for dinner and returned to the computer.

Spent a few minutes re-reading; corrected a few typos, but didn't really have anymore creative thoughts, so I saved it and plugged in my e-book flash.

I ran the new document past a member of my writer's group, and received a compliment: I surprised him four times with the twists. Everytime he thought he had the direction figured out, he said I tossed in something unexpected.

Good; that was the reaction I was hoping for. Wouldn't want to be TOO predictable, eh?

I just hope I can keep the momentum going now!

If anyone is considering going POD, please, please stay away from Publish America!

A new author joined us last night; he's published two YA books with PA and has been plagued by bad editing, delayed shipments; and his books are horrendously over-priced! I like his premise; a couple of animals find a portal to another world (I think this would appeal to S!), but his books are almost 200 pages and cost (get this!) $25 EACH!

Mine are 40 pages shorter and are only $12-13!

He is getting discouraged and even thinking of giving up on his dream. Hopefully, T and I were able to boost him up a little, and promise to give him any help we can. It will help when our resident editor will be back next week and can offer her help!

On Today's To-Do List:
Mother Nature has delayed our single-digit temps until tomorrow. And since I didn't go to the store yesterday (D and W went and got some things, but forgot the toilet paper!), it is a MUST DO for today. I swear I am not leaving this house again until the temps get back above freezing.

I'm also making our favorite Wolfgang Puck recipe for dinner, so that calls for a bottle of chardonay. And since I'm not a fan of drinking chardonay, I'll also pick up a bottle of my new favorite wine, French Lick Soft Red (Yup...Indiana wine! Delicious!). And we found a container of Recee Pieces cookies that had gotten shoved in a corner! Wine, cookies, and in the Zone! Ahhh, life! (Just kidding...I'll reward myself with a glass after I knock out another several pages!)

Update on Oreo:
He survived his trip to the vet; he is 12 weeks old and received his kitten shot. We'll be taking him back the end of April/first week of May to get him neutered.

Something new was added to the Oreo/Pinky Comedy Hour...Oreo got up on the piano and paced the length of the music rack. Pinky climbed to the top of the cage and taunted him.

"Come on over here...just try to poke your nose in my cage...I chased you away once and I'll take you on again! Come on you coward! Yeah...just walk away from me! Watch your step! You slipped! Wanna play that again? I didn't catch the name of that tune...yeah, jump off and go torment the dog. Pick on someone your own size!"

Uh....Pinky? He IS your own size!

And what was Mikey doing?

"I'm sleeping...leave me alone..."


Regina Carlysle said...

Lordy! It's just great to get in the ZONE, isn't it??? YAY on that.

pmrussell said...

My book (the Wormhole Adventures: Travel Is Relative) is about a raven who time travels and teaches kids about science. It is published by Publish America. Although they have low royalties, due to the fact that we pay nothing to get published, they got me started when I needed it. In fact, they regularly offer half price sales so authors can buy up copies of their books and charge much less than retail at book signings, etc. My next book will be going a different route, but I was very happy with my start. In fact, I've received fan mail from Scotland and England. You just have to know how to market your book if you're not able to pay to self publish. I've sold tons of books cheaper than retail because I bought them on sale directly. Of course, at major book stores you can't do that. However, all in all, I've done better than I expected.