Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Day Is It?

Currently Reading: I've made it to chapter 5 on Legs:) And I incorrectly posted Kathy's title yesterday; it is Someone to Watch the Sunsets, and is a sweet 'rosette' story. I also bought Confessions of a Shopoholic last night. I'd read Shopoholic and Sister; now I get to see how the series began! I'll probably rent the movie sometime next year.

Yesterday afternoon, 'they' declared a snow emergency in my town, stating the snow routes were at the top of the snow removal sites, and if people parked along these steets, their cars would be first ticketed, then towed.

Woke up this morning to a County-wide Snow Emergency, which means if you don't have to be on the roads, STAY HOME! We received an additional 9 inches last night. Schools were already being closed by 4pm yesterday, and you know it's really bad when the college shuts down!

I'd laid out a roast yesterday and set out some bread dough to thaw and rise, thinking it would be a lovely way to warm up the house. What happened? The boys took off to the neighbors' new house (five blocks away now instead of three doors down) and S walked over to her friend's house. At 5:30, K called and said he and W had been invited to stay for dinner.

My spouse looked at me.

"It seems a shame to waste all that meat for just you and I. In fact, why don't you put it in the fridge and we'll go get the rest of the items on your shopping list?"

I agreed (after all, I DO have new, barely-used snow boots!) and he went to defrost the car. First he took me to Applebees, where we weren't the only idiots who ventured out! And afterwards, he dropped me at Walmart while he stayed in the car. The place was deserted, and I rather enjoyed not having to wait in line at the checkout!

But these past two days I've managed to lose track of what DAY it is!

Take yesterday: I knew my mom was having cateract surgery on Tuesday. When she called to find out how we were doing with all the bad weather, I asked how things went 'yesterday', and she reminded me of the date. Somehow my brain missed a day. I had even turned my TV Guide to Wednesday's listings!

I guess hibernation does that to a person...

"Gee Moll...all you had to do was check your blog post; it's got the correct date!"

I know....I even slept in until 8:30 this morning! Darn that caffeine-loaded iced tea last night!

Another Bad Weather Story
In 1990, I was working as a Developmental Skills Tech at an agency with special-needs kids and adults. The idiot I had been dating refused to accept the idea we were no longer together, so I drove to a friend's house to have some peace and quiet.

The ice storm hit, coating every conceivable surface with glacial ice. There was no way I was going to even attempt to de-ice my car in the frigid morning temps, so I called in the night before I was scheduled and informed them I would not be in. I did attempt to drive home in the afternoon, but only made it about ten miles before I decided it wasn't worth risking an accident to drive further. I turned around and went back, and called in again.

Apparently an adventurous soul had made the drive to work from their hour-long commute; why couldn't I make it?

"For one thing, I'm not at my house; I'm trapped in Indianapolis. Secondly, she has a Jeep and I'm in a Chevette. When the roads are cleared, I'll try this again!"

My boss had been spoiled by having an employee who only lived a block from the facility and who didn't mind working extra shifts when they were short-handed! But this time, I put my foot down and reminded her of all the extra shifts I'd worked over the summer. I deserved two extra days off!

Stay warm and maybe AJ or Ashley will send us some of their heat??? My older kids are loving this no-school thing; my toddler keeps asking if he'll have school tomorrow!