Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday Ramble

Currently Reading: I'm still on Jami's book. Didn't have time to read yesterday, as I was trying to get my old hard drive to work just one more time!

Several friends have new books out this week.

Over at TEB, you can pick up Naughty Nooners, featuring Cian Fey, Dakota Rebel, and Kaenar Langford.

Over at Lachesis Publishing, you can pick up Tracy Jones' Scent of the Wolf.

And over at, J Travis Grundon has a story in Concrete Blood: Dark Tales of the City. He presented me with a signed copy last night, as he missed my birthday last month.

Apples To Apples
Anyone ever played this game? The players are dealt six or seven noun cards, and the 'judge' either picks and adjective card or turns over the first one in the pile. The players then decide which of their nouns best fits the adjective and try to persuade the 'judge' to see their point of view.

After two bottles of wine, things can get pretty nutty!

Case in Point: The adjective I selected was 'Entertaining'. The cards selected were 'French Maid', 'Lock and Key', 'Monkeys', 'Sin and Redemption', and two others I cannot remember.

I first threw out 'Sin and Redemption', and the other two, narrowing it down to the other three. But then one of the players pointed out that 'S&R' pretty much covered the 'French Maid' and 'Lock and Key'! And since I'd consumed a mudslide and three glasses of wine, I agreed with her, pointing out that 'Monkeys' could also be construed as bedroom behavior:) 'Sin and Redemption' won that round.

Another example of our twisted minds was the adjective 'Flamboyant'. I tossed 'Boardwalk and Park Place' into the pile and tried to argue the point that whoever plays Monopoly is sitting on Easy Street when they purchase it! Nope; the judge in this case pointed out he is more of a 'Community Chest' type player and selected 'Cowboys' as the winner, ala Brokeback Mountain. I then remembered the Robert Redford/Jane Fonda film "The Electric Horseman" and conceded my point.

If you've not played this game, by all means; invite your favorite authors or friends; get a bottle of wine (or two...or three!) and have some fun!

We also entertained our waiter at Applebees with our antics, as well as the birthday candle I brought. It plays 'Happy Birthday', since the wait staff wouldn't sing to the birthday boy!

A long-lost friend found me on MySpace and emailed me! I send her a Christmas card every year, and we used to talk on the phone frequently. But since I moved away in 1997 and she married in 1998, contact has been hit and miss.

Blog Topics:
You've been with me for over a year now; are there any topics you'd like to see covered? Want to be a guest blogger? Or eagerly talk about your latest release? Let me know, either via the comments or email me at I'll be glad to feature you!

Today on the To-Do List:
-Take W to the dentist
-Clear off buffet table. The kids have piled their old papers on it; time to go through and toss what I don't want to keep.

What are you up to today?


Anonymous said...

Apples to Apples is one of my kids' favorite games but you know what? Generations think completely different on the answers. It's hit or miss with us and we all wind up frustrated when we try to bridge the generational gap.

We stick to Rummy kub and the stupid marble game.

Molly Daniels said...

I was getting frustrated because the cards I threw down were more literal, and were dismissed as 'too obvious'. And then the wine took over:)

Bronwyn Green said...

I love playing Apples to Apples with my brothers and sister - we don't even need the booze for it to get pants wetting hilarious - lol.

Speaking of cards - thanks for the Christmas card. :)

Molly Daniels said...

You're welcome Bron:)

Anny Cook said...

I am writing... writing... writing...