Sunday, January 4, 2009


Currently Reading: Finished Embezzled Love last night! No wonder I liked it; Ginger included a note at the end, and her motivation for writing it mirrors the way I feel about my Arbor U series! Wonderful story, Ginger! Go over to Fictionwise and pick up your own copy! I began Cowboy Games last night, and have only finished the first chapter. Hopefully I'll get back to it today.

I saw on Sandra's blog yesterday "Condolences to the Travolta family..." and wondered what had happened.

Saw the story just a few moments ago; as the parent of a 17-yr-old, I cannot imagine the pain of losing my teenager, or any of my three kids.

Prayers to John, Kelly, and esp 8-yr-old Ella for their loss.

Today on the To-Do List:
-Finish the de-decorating
-Finish the pile of laundry downstairs

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