Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gloomy Tuesday

Currently Reading: Loved Cowboy Games! A definite recommended read! I liked the way Wendi portrayed a woman unafraid of her sexuality and secure enough in herself to go after what she wants. I'll be investigating more of her books:) Next up is Jami's book, Who's Sleeping in My Bed, and I'm on Ch 3. So far, this one is full of humor, and I love stories where love 'crosses the tracks', so to speak!

Emmie Graham's book isn't out yet, so I went ahead and bought Mary Martinez's Enchanted Dreams, in addition to Dee's and Kathy's books. More after I read them!

Print Book: Just out of curiosity, I bought Twilight for my daughter. I'd seen the books around; I heard rave reviews about the movie; my sister enjoyed the book and recommended it. While I did enjoy it, S caught me reading it and expressed her extreme disinterest. So now it's mine:) And yes, I think I'll read the next one in the series. (Thank you Dakota for getting me interested in vampires!) Will I see the movie? Maybe...

I also ordered Revision and Self-Editing (Kelly's recommendation), and a book on character dialogue. And a Jeff Dunham DVD for the kids:) Got the email a few moments ago the order's already on its way:)

OH! Just saw this: Jamie Carie's Wind Dancer is now available in bookstores everywhere! This one happens to be set in my current town and Jamie's hometown in the 1700's (I think! Maybe it's the 1800's?) Go check it out here!

Woke up to freezing rain and a 2-hour delay for the kids. The good part is, K already had the computer booted and ready for me as soon as I poured my coffee:) Is he a good kid or what? On the down side, my writer's group is supposed to meet tonight to celebrate another birthday/graduation. But will the streets be dry by tonight? The first time we planned a birthday party, it was rather spur-of-the-moment. We planned two parties last month and both of them were frozen out of existance, though the Christmas party was moved to my house and three of us did show up to celebrate my own! So we'll see what happens tonight.

Reunion Time
Received an email concerning my 25th HS Reunion. It is tentatively being held in July, and thankfully I'm not pregnant, or am I planning to BE pregnant when this one takes place! (Knocking wood...it is still seven months away!) If you're not sure what the joke is, S was due the same weekend as my 10th, and thankfully she came 3 weeks early. (I'd threatened my doctor that if he didn't induce me three days prior to the event, he was going with me!) And at the 20th, I was weeks away from giving birth to W when our wonderful class organizer emailed me about plans for that reunion! I told him I was not going to make a habit of giving birth at reunion time.

So I guess my spouse is going on notice. Instead of giving it up for Lent, he's not going to get any until next summer, ha ha ha....

At least this time I'll have another book out, and maybe some good news about the 3rd or more??

And Speaking of Another Book...
I sent the MS off yesterday afternoon. Now to wait and see...and today, I plan to try to ressurrect my old files. I have until Thursday, so time is running out. Wish me luck! Will I get any new words written? That depends on how long 'Operation Hard Drive' takes. If it fails, I may give myself a day to grieve over the loss of six months' work.

UPDATE: I'm going to have to take my tower to Circuit City after the tax refund check arrives. For $60 they will run a diagnostic and tell me if my 3 files are recoverable; the gentleman I spoke to said what I was describing was NOT necessarily a hard drive problem. So everything except the CPU will be heading for the recycler on Thursday. Okay; now resuming normal writing schedule.

Today's To-Do List:
-'Operation Hard Drive'
-Dusting the LRM and straightening up. Magzines are beginning to take over! It also doesn't help that Oreo's favorite past time is shredding paper and kleenex!


Anonymous said...

You won't be sorry with either of those choices. R and S opened my eyes to a LOT of new info and Jeff-ff-ff Dun-ham is a stitch if you don't already know about him.

Regina Carlysle said...

I loved Cowboy Games!!!!

Good luck on the submission. I just sent one off too so I'll keep fingers crossed for both of us.

Wendi said...

Awww! Thank you so much! I'm so thrilled you loved Cowboy Games. :) And Regina, thank you too! You're a doll.

Best of luck with the submission. Keep us posted!

Wendi Darlin