Monday, January 5, 2009

Back To Work!

Currently Reading: I am loving Cowboy Games:) I'm on Ch 5, and will get back to it later this afternoon. Love the subplot Wendi, and am anxious to see how this plays out!

Ahhh Mondays...esp after a vacation. My body protested when the alarm went off at 6; K was surprised when I 'reminded' him to get the school's parking permit out of the van ('Oh, you're going to let me drive? I was going to take the bus...'); S was having an intestinal problem and as she spent a good portion of last night in another room of the house, she is staying home to recover; W happily got up to have breakfast with Daddy and went off to school without any complaints.

In my QT today, the topic was disappointment vs discouragement. Disappointment is the emotional response to a failed expectation (in the author's world, a rejection letter or red ink all over your MS from your editor/crit partner); Discouragement is a complete lack of confidence, a feeling of dismay, and a loss of motivationregarding something that brings fulfillment and purpose (in the author's world, it is that little voice of doubt in our heads which tells us what we've written is no good and that no one in their right mind would ever read it!).

We can't avoid disappointment; however, we can combat discouragement. It is a choice we make when we allow our disappointments to destroy our confidence in ourselves.

So how do we silence that voice in our heads? Letters from readers help; good reviews bolster our egos. Satisfaction of another completed MS and sending it off. Positive feedback; constructive criticism. Pride in our ability to get the stories out of our heads. Family members who shake their heads and say admiringly, "I don't know how you do it; I can barely write a letter!"

Interaction with other authors; expressing doubts and fears to those who have been there and hearing how they combat discouragement. If we didn't think we had something worth reading, would we even take the time to write it down in the first place? Or even feel that overwhelming urge to write what is in our heads?

If I've had a long time between writing episodes, the words literally flow from my pen or fingertips. The story forms in my head and spills out onto the paper or document until my muse is satisfied and I can resume normal family functions again. I have literally locked myself in the bedroom, office, or holed up in a coffee shop/laundromat/pizza place and written without interruption (okay, small interruptions!). I've taken notebooks to church; to doctor's offices; on job interviews. I've even written during breaks on the job.

Yes; I believe I have several stories to tell. And I'm still learning my craft. I've had a few small successes, but only by putting my work out there will I ever know if others want to read it.

And from the feedback the past 5 years, yes they do. Now all I have to do is keep going and shut off the negativity of family members who don't understand the need to create.

Happy Anniversary!
My sis and her hubby have made it to the 12-year mark:) Unfortunately, my fridge is so stuffed with holiday leftovers, we're doing a 'clean out the fridge' night. I'll cook a good meal on Wednesday and think of them at that time!

To-Do List:
-Return the pants and socks
-Pick up food for the rats
-Locate the squirt gun for a kitten who's been sharpening his claws on the couch
-Finish making changes to MS and get it sent off ASAP


Regina Carlysle said...

Cowboy Games is a great book and written by one of the NICEST people out there ANYWHERE. Wendi and I are great friends and she does super good work.

I know all about the disappointment and discouragment. We all go through it. Maybe that's why we are always so anxious to chat together. Shared experiences.

Carol Preflatish said...

Molly, I once worked on a manuscript while sitting in the dentist chair while waiting for my mouth to numb for a filling.

Unknown said...

Pick up food for the rats? My d-i-l used to have an exotic rat named "Princess". I have cats who love rats, so I don't have rats.

Anny Cook said...

Yep. Discouragement is the author's enemy. I received a lovely card in the mail today. It was a real pick me upper. Thank you!