Thursday, January 15, 2009

Caffeine or Crazy?

Currently Reading: I've made it to chapter 16 on Dee's book!

I had to laugh yesterday as soon as I'd posted. Why? A news story about the 'latest' finding about too much caffeine.

The effects are:
-Possible seizures
-Hearing voices

I don't think I'm in any danger of over-imbibing; I only drink 2 cups of coffee per day and my iced tea is decaf, unless I pick up a McD's Sweet Tea, go out to eat, or get a sweet tea at my weekly meeting.

So why the laughter? The 'hearing voices' part. My response?

"I thought it was simply authors being creative!"

You hear authors blog about hearing their characters' 'voices' in their heads, and yesterday I admitted I had words runnning through mine.

So are we all secretly schitzophrenic, hyped up on too much caffeine, or simply creative?

Meet me in person and decide for yourself:)

Head Shake Moment
Indiana has a new outlaw. By now you've surely heard the tale of the businessman who tried to fake his own death by parachuting out of his airplane? Florida police picked him up yesterday. Wonder if he'll try the insanity plea? Be on suicide watch while in custody? What drives these people to do these dumb things when their world is collapsing? Yeah, his wife was divorcing him and his business ventures were being investigated. Be a man and face the consequenses of your actions!

Or is it simply a case of 'desperate times call for desperate measures'? His last-ditch effort to avoid facing the music? DIDN'T QUITE WORK!

Woke up to a temp of -1 degree. Had to put the dog out, and only left her outside for 10 minutes. She was happy to come back in, and I was glad we have a wonderful floor register to stand on! She went to her fleece pillow; I spent 30 seconds having deliciously warm air blowing up my pj pants:)

The kids are on a two hour delay, and being 8:30am, the natives are rousing. K and W are enjoying Co-Co Wheats; S is still burrowed under her new fleece blanket. I've been up since six, and watched the rest of Brandon and Kelly's 'wedding' on my BH 90210 reruns. This is when the series really began to get tedious, and they should have ended it right here. But no; I think there is only 1 or 2 seasons left to watch. I started to watch the next episode, but the subplot had me cringing. I shut off the DVR and turned the news back on instead. Maybe tomorrow morning I'll suffer through this lame episode and the rest of the story arc. I'll have to check ahead to Saturday and see when it ends. If all else fails, I can always fast-forward through the scenes I can't stand!

Go over to Kelly's blog and wish J a Happy Birthday! And stay warm today!


Anonymous said...

LOL!! Those symptoms are the same ones authors get. Except we are PAID to get them. NOT getting them is called Writer's Block. :)

Regina Carlysle said...

Had to laugh over the 'hearing voices' thing. The other day I was sitting at the computer thinking and swore I heard voices...male and female talking in the corner of the room. Freaked me out. Later I learned it was my daughters new ring tone on her phone. She was in the next room. ARGH!!!! I seriously thought we had a ghost or something. Gotta stop watching those reality ghost shows.

Carol Preflatish said...

But, just today I read on Yahoo News that middle-aged coffee drinkers are less likely to get Alzheimer's Disease.

I don't think my response yesterday came through, but French Lick Soft Red is my favorite wine, too. I don't like French Lick White very well though. It's a dry wine and I don't care for those. I'm hoping to tour their winery this summer. I only live about 25 minutes from there.

barbara huffert said...

I have a t-shirt that says "I Get Paid to Talk to the Voices in my Head."

Anny Cook said...

I want one a t-shirt like that.

barbara huffert said...

Lori Foster's Cafe Press store. There's a bunch of good ones.

Sandra Cox said...

Love the response, only authors being creative:)
Molly, that was so nice of Sara to write me a letter. I really appreciate it.

Molly Daniels said...

OH GOOD! She was telling me how much she enjoyed it, and I said, 'You know, you MIGHT drop a comment on Sandra's blog; she'd love to hear this directly from you!'

Glad she listened to her mom for once:)