Sunday, January 18, 2009


Currently Reading: Still on Brit Party.

Spent the equivelent of eleven hours online yesterday. I learned a lot from editors concerning submissions, new publishers, guidelines, and where to set up a website. Also met some other Indiana authors and found out a friend of mine who moved out of state is now doing edits for an e-pubb!

Not much to say today; my 54-yr-old child had a dizzy spell during church and refused to let me take him to the hospital. My fault; I should have had the 17-yr-old drive us there FIRST, but noooo...I decided to drop him and the toddler at home. D climbed out of the van and headed for the house.

"Just let me lie down for a bit...I'm all right!"

And no, I am not physically capable of forcing him into the vehicle against his will. You'd think after the past 6 years with his health, the man would listen to me for a change!!

If it turns out I'm wrong tomorrow, then I'll quit being angry with him.

But if I have to call an ambulance, he's going to get an 'I told you so!'

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