Friday, July 31, 2009

Amelia's Great Adventure

Went to the pet store and bought some rabbit food for Amelia, plus a water bottle. I hope she 'gets' the idea of how to drink from it. Everything was going well...until around 6:30 last night.

"But I Just Wanted to Hold It!"
I was fixing dinner when something told me to go check on W, who was watching ICarly. S was downstairs playing a video game; K was at football. I walk into the living room, and the first thing which catches my eye is the cage door open.

"Where's the bunny?"

"I took him out of the cage and he runned away."

"Go get your sister. NOW!"

He ran to the stairs and yelled for her; I checked the four corners of the room. No sign of a tiny brown bunny. S arrives; I filled her in and instructed her to move all the furniture and find Amelia. I returned to the stove just in time to stop the mashed potatoes from boiling over.

I'm not kidding what happend next. We literally turned the living room upside down. The couch was overturned (we found several socks, small toys, and Monopoly money); the video cabinet moved; I located a working flashlight (rare in this house, lol!) and we shined it under every chair, behind the piano, under the TV, and the decorative tables. No sign of her.

We sat down and ate dinner, then extended the search to the other rooms. Still no sign. S even went downstairs and brought Lucky up, letting her sniff the towel she used to hold A, in hopes of Lucky 'miraculously' remember she's a hunting dog, and to find the animal. No; Lucky went to the front door and looked expectantly 'Aren't you going to take me for a walk' expression on her face, tongue hanging out and tail wagging furiously.

I suggested bringing in Oreo, and S looked at me disgustedly.

"He might kill her this time!"

So we put the house back together (K was home by this time) and I was sooooooo mad at my youngest, I was afraid to touch him. Yes, I lost my temper royally last night. There was no ice cream, no bedtime story. He was spanked and sent to bed after being threatened with another spanking if he didn't help with the cleanup (he did).

We put Lucky in the basement (after a short walk around the block) and set Amelia's food bowl on the floor. I went to bed with a sniffling W, and read the rest of No Price Too High. S went down the street to watch a movie at a friend's house.

Around 11:30, K poked his head in the bedroom.

"Bunny's been found! I made one last 'sweep' of the room before I turned out the lights, and she was under the green frog chair. I put her back in the cage."

Thank God!

So this morning, we told W, and hopefully got the message through his 5-yr-old brain that he is NOT to open the cage, or even LOOK at Amelia, unless S is with him!

I wonder how many gray hairs are in my head this morning?

Looking Ahead...
I probably won't post tomorrow; I have to be downtown at seven am for the Watemelon Festival. Spouse is bringing 'the grandkids' home with him tonight, to spend a week with us (Hopefully Aunt Molly won't be too grouchy this week, ha ha!)

Tomorrow night, the pool is having a free, 'Dive-In Movie'; they will have a gigantic blow up screen, and showing Madagascar 2. People can swim, sit on the deck, or lounge outside the fence. There is also free popcorn and drinks. Depending on the weather, we might take all five kids, or at least the little ones.

Today's To-Do LIst:
-Pick up my bookmarks
-Finish putting the house back in order (yes, there are still some 'dust bunnies' to dispose of)
-Pizza for dinner

Was I upset that Casey went home last night? Not really. Jordan and Jeff are cute to watch. I think BB could have waited another week or so before dissolving the cliques, though. And we DVR'd 'After Dark', to see who won HOH. Russell won; it came down to he and Jeff, and they made a deal. Both men were in PAIN! And Russ couldn't have dropped out without help; it turned out his shorts were tangled in the cord! He literally had to hang upside down and pull himself out of his shorts in order to get down. And then could barely walk. No word on whether or not anyone chose a 'graduation present'. I guess we'll find out on Sunday.

Have a good weekend and I'll be back either Sunday or Monday:)


Carol said...

We had a lose rabbit in the house once and it ended up chewing a hole in our phone cable. Gotta watch 'em. Glad you found yours.

Sandra Cox said...

Whew! Glad Amelia was found. Have a great weekend!

Regina Carlysle said...

Don't you looovve those moments of crisis? How on earth do we survive them? Certainly 'gray hair' inducing.