Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Oooookaaaay...Who Are These People?"

That was my first thought when I walked into Preston's Friday night. Had five years changed us all that much? But a few moments later, I recognized one of the women from her Facebook profile. And while she and I were speaking, my old bff B walked in, saw me, and grabbed me in a hug. Everything was better after that!

Yes, we're all slightly grayer and hardly anyone is still a size ten anymore. And while the Friday gathering was fun, and I got to see several classmates I hadn't seen at previous reunions, I discovered a big problem.

I can't hear conversations in noisy bars!

I ended up spending the majority of my time smiling, nodding, and sipping my drink. When some words did make it into my ears, I was able to contribute a phrase or my own opinion. I guess I need either Bell Tones or learn to lip-read.

I'll post some pics tomorrow...I started typing and realized I'd forgotten to upload the pics first. Several comments have already been made on the photos I posted on Facebook, and there are talks of a mini-reunion this fall, and another one in five more years.

Another thing I found interesting: Several friends on Facebook hardly said five words to me all weekend....but yesterday I made a comment and soon everyone was laughing at my sense of humor! I may be quiet, but if something triggers my brain, I'm actually enjoyable to be around:)

Now I just need friends who DANCE!

More on this tomorrow. How was your weekend?

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