Monday, July 20, 2009

Reality TV Recap

Reading Schedule Update: Hopefully it will resume this coming Friday! If so, I'll repost the books I'll be reading in the coming weeks.

Big Brother:
Ronnie won HOH and put up Jeff and Lori. He says he plans to back-door Russell; we'll see if it's just lip-service.

The luxury comp was hilarious! Some I got right; others I was dead wrong.

Next Food Network Star:
I knew Michael was the one booted last week, but thanks to reruns, I was able to watch it. He really sealed his fate when he said, "Crowds are my thing, not cameras...' and walked away with a split-second 'what the hell did I just say' moment! I think the solution to Michael's problem would be to put him in front of a live TV audience and hide the camera. He does well when the camera is not in his face! He would be a terrific 'Emeril Live'-type show...only with a hidden camera...just a thought Bob and Susie...

Jamika went last night. She has trouble keeping her emotions in check, and even when actors are having an 'off' day, they can't let it show.

So now it's down to Melissa, who has a fantastic chance of winning this thing; she's got a great personality and her food has won many challenges. She's also taking the judges' advice to heart and really working on her demo presentations.

Debbie, who would bring Korean Cusine. Unfortunately, she's been caught 'spinning' the first episode, she went over budget, but after making an executive decision, came back and announced they 'just barely came in under budget'. She forgot the cameras were rolling and the judges called her on it. Last night, she forgot to incorporate the capers, and when Bobby asked about them, she first said they were in the dressing, and then tried to deny she was even given them. Once again, the cameras caught it. So she has a slight integrity problem, but so far is the most relaxed doing the demos, even when problems are thrown at her.

Jeffrey. (I keep wanting to call him Eddie for whatever reason!) He's won multiple challenges, but has problems 'stepping out of his comfort zone'. He keeps talking about 'Food w/o Borders', but still everything he makes has a Mexican/Southwest feel to it. Even when Bobby took away his chilis and gave him Asian ingredients, he still whipped up an Asian dish with a Southwest flair. We'll see what happens next Sunday.

I'm also hooked on Eureka this summer! What are you watching?

Fair Update: Not setting up this year. Maybe next year...(sigh....)


Carrie said...

I'm not paying much attention to TV except for:
General Hospital (which I watch by myself)
The Closer (watch myself)
Torchwood (5 night mini-series starts tonight)

In Plain Sight
Ace of Cakes

That's pretty much it because the bulk of my time is spent reading books or playing disc golf.

Kenzie Michaels said...

I'm also catching up on missed CSI Miami episodes:)