Thursday, July 9, 2009

Out of The Mouths of Babes...

The munchkins left yesterday, but not without a bit of humor!

Since I hadn't spent much time with them, I invited all three little ones to join me on my errands, and there was a mad scramble for shoes before piling into the van and making sure their seat belts were fastened.

1st stop, landlord's to pay the rent.

Miss Drama Queen: "Why don't you just drop it in the mail like my mama does?"

Me: "Because it's only two blocks away. Why waste a stamp?"

Mr. Energy: "That was too short! Do we hafta go home yet, Aunt Molly?"

Me (looking at 'low fuel' warning on dash): "Let's go to the gas station first."

Miss Drama Queen: "Yay! Can we get a snack?"

Me: "You just ate! Not right now."

(pouts all around)

Stop #2: Gas station. Uneventful, except for pouts as I made them wait in the van.

Stop #3: Downtown.

Me: "Who wants ice cream?"

Unanimous: "I DO!!!"

We enter, choose our flavors, and sit down.

Me: "I thought I'd give you a treat; Aunt Molly's been a little grouchy this week..."

W (interrupting): "Uh-huh."

MDQ and ME giggle.

Me: "You didn't have to agree with me..."

W: "Uh-huh!"

Mr. Energy falls off his stool, he's laughing so hard, causing his sister to explode with more giggles!

Stop #4: Fireworks store. Kids were thirsty, and B has an huge water cooler. We picked up some party poppers for later, and drove home.

Their mom arrived around 5:30 and now they want W to come spend a few days with them. We'll see if Daddy ever goes to work this year; maybe we can all go up and spend the weekend.

In the meantime, my schedule is getting back to normal, and I may even get to write again. I have to help D create a resume' for the first time; he has to have one on file with the unemployment office. We also got our 'football parents' newsletter in the mail, detailing the responsibilities of all football parents and fundraising efforts. It gave me a headache, since we're struggling to simply pay the utilities and prepare one kid for his Senior Year; the second for her Freshman Year, and the joys of entering Kindergarten for the third. We did sacrifice some food items so S's birthday could be celebrated, and hot dogs and hamburgers were the main sourse of meals last week with the 'grandkids' here. But no one complained, and hopefully next week will be better.

How's your summer going?


Anonymous said...

Resume is finished and posted; I even wrote a page and a half longhand today! A surprise character showed up as well...wasn't expecting it:)


Anny Cook said...

Well... my granddaughters are here so summer so far has been interesting.