Monday, July 27, 2009

Manic Monday

Currently Reading: Borrowed more books from nursing home: Passion's Promise and Irresistible Forces by Danielle Steele; The Other Karen by Velda Johnston; and No Price Too High by Madeleine A. Polland. E-book buying will resume next week:)

Where did July go? It's hard to believe this is the last week already! Aaaack! As I told W, schoolstarts in just 2 short weeks. We've got quite a bit of activity in these next couple of weeks.

School shopping: The teens don't need much, beyond a few notebooks, pens, and pencils, and Walmart is advertising $12 4G flash drives in various colors. I went ahead and bought my incoming freshman one. What color did she want? Black! (Tried to buy a red one for myself, but as hubby pointed out, I already have two; why would I want another one? Gee....backup perhaps? I still have lots of wips on disk or CD. And my others are only 2G. Just sayin'....)

The kindergartener...he's another shopping spree waiting to happen. Crayons, pencils, markers, folders, gym shoes, paper towels, kleenex, backpack, scissors, glue, own laptop or flash drive... (just kidding, but it probably won't be long!)

And of course, all three need clothes. Thank God the spouse is back to work!

Visiting Grandma: My mother went to Florida for two weeks and now would like a couple of days with her grandkids at the pool. Unfortunately, the senior has football conditioning every day, so he can't go. The others and I will go up next week for three days, and hopefully the weather will cooperate! My 'grandkids' might even be with us, and the trip coincides with their birthday, so who knows what surprises are in store next week?

Bill Paying: Always fun after the work schedule has settled down. I get to go through the stack and find the most current; call everyone and set up a payment schedule; and finally, inform the spouse so he doesn't mess it up by making his own agreements!

State Fair? I don't know if we'll manage to squeeze in a trip this year or not. Depends on my mother's health, and if she's up to taking myself, one teen, and three kids ages 7, 6, and 5. Or if I'm crazy enough to attempt it. I used to sneak off to it when the kids were in school (Fair Weather Day was always my favorite Theme Day; I got to meet the local weathermen from my favorite TV station.). Maybe things will work out and the kids and I can go up for a weekend? I want my deep fried cookie dough!

My Tour: I have two signings coming up: Watermelon Festival on Aug 1st and the Fish Fry in my former town on the 22nd. I've not been back to it since the first book was published, and very few of them know about Kenzie's success. Kenzie also has an interview on the 4th and a chat on the 6th. More info as it gets closer. I also have until the end of August to pay for RomantiCon, and either find a roommate or turn my room over someone else. I'm hoping for the former!

I'll post the county fair pics tomorrow. A great time was had by all, and yes the weather cooperated!

Today's To-Do List:
-Finish one last load of laundry
-Organize bills
-Pay MIL's Nursing Care fee
-Pay Watermelon Booth Rental fee
-Break down the pork chops purchased yesterday into two smaller packages! May fix chops for dinner...

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Amber Skyze said...

I can't believe it's almost August! Seems summer is flying by, with no enjoyment here in the northeast. :)