Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Pet and Good News:)

Currently Reading: Irresistible Forces was okay; I kept expecting other outcomes, but it kept me turning the pages. Passion's Promise was as enjoyable as I remembered; The Other Karen was interesting, yet confusing at times. And today I'll be reading No Price Too High.

First the good news:
Kenzie got her fourth glowing review!

" What a great read! Amber and Marc had fantastic chemistry and I loved Marc’s willingness to take his father to task for past sins while protecting his true love. The sex was hot, the story was fun and I cheered the romance on from the beginning."

Read the rest here:

Now for the new pet:
We've had a rabbit living in the back yard for several weeks, and the other day we discovered she had babies!

Oreo (our 9-month-old kitten/cat) decided to take one of the little ones as a playmate. Remember; Oreo doesn't know he's a cat; he lets the rats 'beat up' on him when he gets too close to the cage? (Yes, it is still happening every once in a while...) Well, we discovered O 'curled up' in a corner of the front porch with his new 'playmate'. The bunny was simply cowering in the corner; O was licking it. When S and I approached to see what was going on, O looks up and meows proudly. S picks up the bunny, who immediately begins chirping.

We inspected the poor little thing; no blood, no evidence of bite marks or broken bones. And since it was after hours for either the vet or the local Wildlife guy, we found the old rat cage, put some bedding in the bottom, and put the bunny, along with a dish of water and several handfulls of grass/clover into it. The kids then went online to check for information.

Further inspection of the backyard revealed no evidence of the nest. Via internet sites, the bunny is over six weeks old, and has survived the night. S checked for anatomical features; we have a girl. 'Thumper' became 'Bunny', who has now been dubbed 'Amelia' (my suggestion of 'Thumpette' got an eye-roll, lol!)

And since twenty years ago, I helped my fiancee (aka The Idiot) raise Checkered Giants, S is hoping we will be able to keep this good-natured little girl bunny, even though the site says it is illegal. So we'll see what the Wildlife guy says today. Amelia is eating; she allows herself to be handled and petted. She is cute to watch as she burrows into the wood chips, or the empty Kleenex box in the cage, or the towel S wraps her in when she's being handled (ala Pinky in his early days, lol:). So come back tomorrow and find out what if we'll be allowed to keep her, or if she'll have to be released back into the wild.

I just hope we don't have another 'Simon' incident (see Kenzie's Place, Memorial Weekend).

Today's To-Do List:
-Laundry. After being dry every night for the past week, he made up for it. 'Nuff said.
-Finding W's immunization record; just discovered it's not where I remembered it last.
-Visit the MIL (and return three out of the four books I borrowed)
-Meatloaf for dinner
-Big Brother on TV


Mia Watts said...

keep us updated on the bunny/cat affair. This is fascinating!

Anny Cook said...

Truuuuue love.

Amber Skyze said...

Congrats on the new (great) review!

Hope all works out with the bunny/kitten situation. Keep us posted. :)

K.A. Dawn said...

Lucky you, your cat isn't scared of bunnies, unlike my cat...

I hope you are aloud to keep her! If you are my one suggestion is to pick her up a lot. Not for long, just a few seconds several times a day. I got my rabbit from a shelter (he was found on the side of the road) and he hated being picked up when I got him, so I didn't press him. Now, a year latter, he isn't much better about it and it is very hard to play with him now. *shakes head*

~ Katherine

Bekki Lynn said...

Wild bunnies are a bit different than house bunnies, so I don't know if the wood chips are as dangerous to them -- but I always recommend The House Rabbit Society [ ] to people.

Ever heard a baby bunny scream as he races to get away from a preditor. It's heart wrenching. Not only did I hear it last night, but Adam did as well, our 3 year old male bunny - he immediately stood up on his hind legs, perking his ears. Our youngest hunting dog wanted out to save the day, or get in on it.

I went running out and saw Buster no where, so I knew he, or another cat was at the neighbor's garage since I still heard noises, no light.

I fretted, search for a flashlight, and went back out. He had come home, into our yard anyway, but he didn't come to me. He got up circled around and lay back down. I thought, oh no, while he doesn't go after larger bunnies, babies are like toys.

I found the cute little bugger laying there, not even breathing heavy. Buster reached over with his paw like to say, he's my friend. OMG! I told him baby needed to go home and he needed to come inside. I shooed the baby on his way carried a mad cat into the house. He fought all the way.

I'm really surprised he didn't bring him on in the house. He's done that before. Why not, we have three, so what's one more. Bunnies are bunnies, aren't they? Silly kitty-cat.