Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Last Week

Daughter's birthday cookie...she decided to spend the day at the store with me. She also earned $50 by being our walker, stock person, and providing this delicious cookie to snack on, lol!

Brandon, the manager, behind the counter...MY register! We actually shared both of them; just depended on who got there first!

A 'before' shot of various fountain fireworks.

We sold out of the smoke bombs (multi-colored display to the right) on the 3rd.

The 'after' shot of the fountain table! Taken around 1opm on the 4th.

My kids, K (pink shirt, Uncle Sam Hat) and S (red shirt) hard at work on the 3rd. Walkers were paid their choice of $7/hour in fireworks or $5/hour cash. S took the cash, K the fireworks!

4th of July: Stacey at the register. She gave up her day off to come help out in the afternoon and evening.

Brandon (left) and James (Stacey's SO) restocking the bottle rockets.

The crew after a looooooong day: Me, Brandon, Stacey, and James!
Currently Reading: Finished To Love A Hero last night! And it's another head-slap moment: Whyyyyyyy did I wait so long to read this book???? I loved it! In case you missed it, I labelled it a Recommended Read while only on chapter six!
Book buying is still on 'hold' until either I get paid or D goes back to work. I'm bummed...Mona's Babies In The Bargain sounds terrific too, and it's been at the top of my TBB list since January!
Thanks to everyone for their thoughts yesterday; we sent the kids to the pool and spent two hours getting the house back under control. J's arriving tonight to get A and J, and while I didn't get to spend too much time with them this week, I know they'll be back at Christmas. Hopefully Aunt Molly will have her hormonal self under control by then, ha ha!
Have a good day, and for a laugh, check out Kenzie's post:) Do YOU recognize the movie? Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Those cookies are sooooo good. I won my DH's heart when I bought him one for his bday. :)

Anonymous said...

Didn't get any shots of myself behind the counter; just clowning around with the hat, lol! I actually did work...restocked, labelled, rang up sales...I was BEAT after the weekend!

Thanks for dropping by Amber:)