Monday, May 9, 2011

Best Mother's Day Present:)

If you'll recall, our ceiling began to leak Good Friday 2010. Landlord replaced part of the roof.

One year later, Good Friday 2011, that same spot began leaking again. Landlord had same handyman put a tarp up.

Three days later, the ceiling caved in over the couch. I called the landlord and told her the bad news.

Yesterday, when we arrived home from church, the handyman was back, and told my spouse he was replacing that entire side of the roof:)

So this was one of my Mother's Day presents; the other was having our oldest home from Purdue for the next three months.

K also fixed a delicious pork loin dinner for us (with a few instructions from me:) and he and the spouse cleaned up the kitchen afterward, so I could watch the finale of The Amazing Race. My team didn't win, but it was a good show.

And I was very surprised when I watched The Celebrity Apprentice and saw Nene Leakes walk out. LaToya Jackson and Star Jones were also fired in the two-part show; now the final four consists of Little Jon; John Rich; Marley Matson; and Meatloaf. Now I don't know who is going to win; I'm still predicting John Rich, but it could easily be any of the others!

Saturday, we went up to get K, and since he had to work, I was able to spend ten hours with my mom. We looked through the old photographs, watched the Kentucky Derby (Dad wanted Archarcharch; Mom's pick was Pants On Fire; mine was Stay Thirsty. None of us were even close!); and enjoyed a movie based on Temple Grandin's life. Turns out friends of the family who live in Colorado know her, plus one of their children has been recently diagnosed with autism. I also fired up my laptop and showed my parents pictures of the youngling's wrestling and BSA activities.

So it was a good, relaxing weekend, and now we're in the process of getting out college kid reaclimated to family life, and counting down the weeks until my sister's family arrives on the 20th:)

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