Friday, May 6, 2011

Flashback Friday

Since I won't know until this weekend when 5-yr-old me received her glasses, I'm going to skip 1971 and revisit April 1981, because I left out a rather important moment.

I'm not sure how it happened; all my life I'd 'known' I was going to attend the high school where my mom worked. Even when the new school was built a mile from our home, and my sis and I took swim lessons and joined the swim team at that same school, I 'just knew' I wouldn't be attending it.

Fast-forward to November 1980. Our class was rounded up, and given sheets of information about what classes we would attend our sophomore year. I was beginning to think 'maybe I'll have to go there after all? Could I be wrong??' and filled it out with a very pessimistic attitude. I wanted to be in an award winning marching band, not one with a bunch of (in my opinion) stuck up snobs. I checked the box beside Girl's Choir.

Then suddenly, in February 1981, my mother kept me out of school one day. We went to breakfast at McDonald's, where she explained she and Dad had talked it over, and if I really wanted to attend my desired school, then we needed to meet with the guidance counselor. I was thrilled! Mom and I talked about what courses I was interested in taking, and after we finished eating, we went to the school office. And mapped out my entire next three years of high school.

Which included the Marching Band, if I were accepted. For two weeks in March, I met with a friend of Mom's, who taught me the basics of twirling a flag, and the various commands. Two lessons, and I fell in love.

April arrived, and every day for a week, I left school early. Sometimes Mom would pick me up; sometime it was a trusted student. I changed into shorts and a tee shirt in Mom's office, then joined the rest of potential flag corps members as we practiced, then tried out.

I was jittery all weekend. And on Monday, my mother called me when I arrived home from school. "You were chosen! But don't tell anyone yet."

Again, I was taken out of school early the final week of April. Spring Training was underway, and I'd reached my dream of being part of the Marching Broncho Band! And yes, Friend D was thrilled for me:)

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