Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where Did Spring Go?

From massive rainfall amounts to temps in the 90's....welcome to weather in Indiana! While normally I LOVE sleeping with the windows open, my 'super nova' hot flashes are causing me to plead with the SU to please turn on the A/C????

But no....temps are going to drop again into the 70's, so while everyone else in the house is getting good night's sleep, Mom is throwing off the covers; panting; tossing and turning; getting up to stick her head in the freezer; sitting in front of the nearest fan; even going out to sit on the porch swing and praying for a cool breeze. Very annoying when she's used to sleeping 7 or more hours every night!

The bright side? I'm getting the kids up on time, since I know from experience if I'm awake around 5:30am, I'd better stay awake or risk oversleeping. I've been going back to bed for an hour or so around 8am, and maybe grabbing a nap in early afternoon. Plus, I'm wearing tank tops all the time; something I could never do in the house, due to the spouse keeping the house 'too cold'.

Grrrrr....this adjustment in temperature is rough; I'm having to 'unlearn' the way I dress.

I'm wondering if I need to call the doctor and get another blood test; are my thyroid meds not working anymore?

Off to do my last load of yesterday's laundry. I was supposed to go with the youngling on a field trip to a local park, but lack of sleep, coupled with the dress 'code' of blue jeans and boots, made me have to beg off. No sense having a miserable chaperone along.


Unknown said...

I'm sorry you're suffering so much. I wish we had 70s...we're stuck in the 50s. I'm tired of the damp and dreary weather. I want sunshine and warmth!!!! :)

Janice Seagraves said...

Sounds like your suffering from perimenopause. Drink soy milk it helps.

Molly Daniels said...

Yup Janice; I was officially diagnosed with it last year. The thyroid meds helped, until I missed three doses.