Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How Times Have Changed...Or Is It Just Age Or Wisdom?

My BFF callled me yesterday, to sing Happy Anniversary to me, and since the weather was nice, I opted to chat with her on my front porch, away from the family's ears. We haven't talked for a while; she lives 90 minutes north of me, and our kids' activities keep us busy. So do our jobs; she works at one of the schools in the resource room, and I spend most of my time on the computer:) She only has dial-up at her house, and has since refused to use the internet until her hubby upgrades their system. So THAT explains why she created a facebook page, but is rarily on, LOL:)

Anyway, while we were chatting, I noticed a gentleman turn the corner and proceed to walk toward me. He had a nice build; looked about my age; wearing a white baseball cap, orange polo shirt, khaki shorts, and tennis shoes. Reminded me strongly of someone. So I muttered into the phone, 'Who are YOU? You're CUTE!' (hey, I'm married, not dead! I still notice an occasional handsome guy!)

E laughed. "What's he look like?"

I described him, and added, again in a low voice, 'I wish he'd look up so I could see his face...he's got nice legs...OMG...he just waved at me and smiled!'

"Did you wave back?"

"Yes! Oh no....he's walking, he has a nice backside...Come back...come back....ask me for directions, please...."

"You are so funny! Is he gone?"

"Yeah, he's gone. The only way I could see him now would be to either fall off the porch or go into the street..."

This brought up the topic of how we've changed in the past 20-25 years. At age 20, I wouldn't have DARED ogle a good looking man walking toward me. Okay; I might have smiled and hoped he'd approach, but would NOT have been caught talking about him.

Other things I've done at 40-45 which would have humiliated me at 20:
-Not bothered if my shirt rode up in back, exposing underwear ("Hey, at least it shows I'm wearing it!")

-Walked up to someone I thought I knew (age 20: Is it? No...maybe...if it is, maybe they'll come over here....)

-Smile at a total stranger right after making an ass of myself while roller skating (age 20: slunk off the floor or hoped and prayed no one saw that!)

-Sung Karaoke (age 20: I'm only getting up there if someone goes with me! Okay, who am I kidding? Karaoke hadn't been invented yet, lol! But if it had...see previous comment!)

-Dared use certain terms in my writing. (age 20: Ripped out the pages of my diary when I described what my partner and I were doing! Baaaaaad Molly! Seriously??)

-Gone without a bra in public (okay; I did throw a sweatshirt over my nightshirt and jeans and go to class or breakfast...but never to a restaurant or bar! See last week's post...)

-Spoken my mind at an interview. (Age 20: Said anything to get hired. Now: Don't want to hire me? Fine. Take me or leave me. Was offered a job back in '06, but I'd used it for a 'practice interview' and didn't want the job anyway! Interviewer said if I changed my mind, give him a call. Unfortunately, Bloomington is a bit too far now...)

-Not cared about a negative remark. (See? Twenty years ago, if someone had told me my book sucked, I would have buried the manuscript somewhere else, to be cannibalized later. Now? Found another publisher/worked on revisions to make it publishable!)

-Could care less about whether a man finds me attractive. (Yes, it's come to that...I'm an old married lady and when my spouse kicks the bucket, I'm throwing a party. I've come to realize I don't need a man around; I just need a handyman (or just his paycheck!). And money, of course, so I can pay the bills, eat, and live a comfortable lifestyle! On the flip side of that, I do feel good about myself at times, and it shows when I venture outside. I notice a few glances my way, thankyouverymuch!)

So how have YOU changed since you graduated high school or college?


Amber Skyze said...

I appreciate the little things more, now that I'm older. I definitely didn't at 20.

Though back then I wasn't afraid to do anything. Now I'm less of a risk taker. lol

I'd more likely approach a hot guy at 20 then 40 something.

Molly Daniels said...

I think I've gone the opposite direction, Amber! I'm less shy now...oh, I suffer, but I'm getting good at faking the confidence:)