Monday, May 2, 2011

Was It REALLY Necessary?

For the second time in my life, the blankety-blank news media strikes again.

The first time was back in 1986, when the space shuttle exploded. My soap opera had less than two minutes to go and a killer was going to be revealed. But nooooooooo....ABC news couldn't wait that long to tell us about the tragedy, never mind the fact the NOON NEWS was about to come on.

And before you start yelling at me, let me explain: I was 20 years old and not interested in national news yet. My life revolved around my studies; my boyfriend; and my one, thirty minute soap opera. Oh, and music.

Fast-forward to last night.

I'm a lover of Celebrity Apprentice, and I spent the entire hour and forty-four minutes of last night's episode laughing at the Nene/Star argument. Then a message appeared; the President would be making a HUGE announcement soon. Okay, fine. Can it wait until eleven o'clock? Please? minute later, NBC cuts in. And spent the next fifteen minutes 'speculating' on what the announcement would be. They speculated it would be bin Ladin's death. And at 11:00pm (after whoever had been fired), did they say, "It is now eleven pm and the president will be speaking in a little while..."

What the hell.....This could have WAITED FIFTEEN MINUTES!!!! (It's my blog; I get to yell;)

And yes, they didn't cut to the White House until 11:45. Seriously? You interrupted my show for an hour's worth of reporters talking to each other?

But now it's Monday, and I'm over it. Thanks to another friend, I've been told Hope got the ax, not Nene or Star. Which I pretty much saw coming; she's not the type to stand up for herself, and definitely no match for the much more verbal Star and Nene. Who wants to bet the finale will be a Star vs Nene show? I thought it would be Star vs John Rich. And why bring LaToya back? If the guys lose next week, I hope she gets the ax.

But then again.....the guys have consistently won the creative challenges; the girls the fund-raisers. And don't forget Marlie; she's doing terrific as well.

Kenzie's blogging today about the ones who got away. Another TMI moment, or just a little more insight?

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