Thursday, May 19, 2011

Guest Blogging, Paying Bills, and A Rant

Currently Reading: I'm almost finished with Witch Ball:) I'd forgotten some of the details from the first time I read it. I'm also reading Andy Rooney's essays from the 1980's. I chuckle when he talks about 'high' gas prices ($1.29! OMG...can you believe we once griped about that price?) and what the world will be like in 1990.

Since I haven't bought any books in almost 18 months, I'm trying to see if the spouse will let me spend a considerable amount, or if he'd prefer I go back to the $10 per week limit I previously set for myself. Negotiations continue; I'll keep you posted:)

I'm blogging over at RBRU today; stop by and see if you can guess what my first long story was based on:)

Bill-Paying System 'Failure'
I love my family; I really do. But sometimes they drive me up the wall. For instance, the other day I was getting ready to go about my normal routine, and the spouse decided to pay some bills.

First he complained I'd 'messed up his system'. Huh??? He had previously informed me he hated where I'd been putting the bills for the past 5 years, and created his own area, where he could find them better. So I simply stacked the new ones accordingly. But apparently I got it wrong; I was supposed to stack them on the bottom, not on the top. So he 'wasted time' finding the oldest ones.

Why can't he simply look at the damn bill and subtract what's already been paid? Why does he have to see the old one, to refresh his memory that he paid X amount and now owes the current amount?

And then he can't keep the gas and electric straight. We've lived here for 5 freaking years, and he STILL can't remember which company supplies our gas? Oh. My. God.

And while he was paying the dentist bill, he gripes about all my dental work the past year. Hellooooooo.....if he'd let me get regular cleanings in the first place, maybe I wouldn't have had all those cavities last spring! And if it hadn't been for the fact a filling fell out, and I had to go in the first place, I'd probably be needing MORE dental appointments. Fortunately, I had a clean bill of dental health (with the exception of the tooth that needs pulled) in February, and don't need to return again until August. Although, now we have the money for my tooth extraction, I will be making an appointment for anther consultation. I know my prescriptions have most likely expired.

And Now The Rant:
Why can't the media leave The Arnold and his family alone? Is it really necessary we learn when his love child was born; the identity of the mother; The Arnold's efforts to keep it quiet; and tweets from his legitimate children? Do you have NO compassion for Maria and the children's feelings? Sheesh! Grow up people; there are some things we don't need every single detail.


Linda Kage said...

My hubby and I just got a bill paying system set up. It has a new page for each month of bills listed on it, and when that bill is paid, it gets checked off with the amount paid and check number written next to it.

Seems to be working for us so far. But yeah, can't it be frustrating working with someone else to keep track of all the payments?!

And I'll rant with you. Who cares if some famous person cheated? That's not news to me anymore. What would be news if a highly famous couple was actually faithful for once.

Amber Skyze said...

My hubby and I seperated the bills. There are certain ones I pay every month, on top of my own credit cards, etc and he pays his. We keep seperate accounts though we're both on each others in case of emergency.
As far as the rant, I'm with you. I don't care about his love child or the child's mother or what the kids think. This is a personal time for them. Let them have their moment.

Molly Daniels said...

When the spouse was working, I did the bill paying. Now he's officially retired, he's decided he wants to do it. And since my system requires him to actually LOOK on top of the shelf, he's decided to start putting them on top of the file cabinet, beneath the cubby where he keeps his check book. But what he DIDN'T tell me was to put the new ones on the bottom...which doesn't make sense to me. And of course, now that his pension checks will be here on a regular basis, and no more holding back money in case the unemployment runs out, we can actually pay stuff ON TIME. Wow...what a concept; haven't done that in over a year! (Not my fault...)