Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Weakest Link host Anne Robinson: What "B" was a pseudonym used by Charles Dickens?

Contestant: Bart Simpson.

(The answer is Boz.)

Not exactly sure what is on today's agenda. I'm still waiting for a yes/no answer on Forbidden Love, and I got some great feedback on that story when I posted a few short excerpts. Keri has also settled down inside my brain when I decided I didn't like the changes I'd made, and went back to the 3rd version of her story (1st version was in 1st person; 2nd version was 3rd person; 3rd version, cut the first six chapters; 4th version cut the last three.).

Here's the books I want to buy next:

Silk and Steel-Lindsay Townsend (Siren-BookStrand) (#17) $2.50

Table For Three-Missy Martine (S-BS) $6.50 ($9)

Sexual Energy-Afton Locke (EC) $6.99

Hotter Than Hell-Regina Carlysle (EC-Flavors of Ecstasy IV) $7.99

Double Your Pleasure-Fran Lee (EC) $4.45

Research Required-Amber Skyze (EC) $4.45 ($32.88)

Immortal Curse- Bron Green (RP) $4.00

Punished-Brynn Paulin (RP) $3.50 ($40.38)

Anything You Can Do- Marianne Stephens ( $3.99

Belonging To Them- Brynn Paulin (RP) $4.00

Nebula’s Music- Aubrie Dionne (Lyrical $3.50 ($51.87)

Drilled- Regina Carlysle (EC) $4.45

Kissing Steel-Laurann Dohner (EC) $5.95 (Total: $62.27)

Yes, I have a lot of catching up to do on certain author's back lists! No idea when I'll begin buying; the spouse and I are still discussing it. I just hope it is soon:)

Have a good weekend; we're gearing up for the final week of school and spending next weekend with my sister and her family.

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