Thursday, May 5, 2011

Writing Update

It occurred to me I've not a) talked about my latest wip or b) talked about books lately, so I thought I'd bring you up to speed on both topics.

As you may know, the past year has been rough going for me creatively, due to a depressed spouse who's now home 24/7 and sees my sitting at the computer for hours as 'non-productive'. I spend at least two hours in the morning catching up on email, writing my blog posts, setting up the Tuesday interview posts, and fooling around on YouTube:) I then get dressed, do a few household chores, maybe run an errand or two (usually on Mondays, when it's 'payday' around here), and either fix lunch or eat out. By 1:00, I'm back at the desk or laptop, either working through my DWTS wip or checking email again. Around 2, the spouse leaves to get the kids, and that's my TV catch-up time! I've been enjoying reruns of The Waltons on INSP, or my DVR'd Good Wife, 90210, One Tree Hill, L&O: SVU, and other shows I many have missed.

By 3, I'm supervising homework and trying to figure out what to feed everyone, if I haven't already decided. I may keep working on the wip.

By 5 or 6pm, I'm getting dinner ready. We usually eat between 6:30 and 7. And then it's clean-up time; baths ready; books read; one more check of email before shutting off the desktop by 9:30 or 10, so my youngling can go to sleep. I head into the bedroom to read for about an hour before I snuggle in for the night.

Tuesday night, I had a breakthrough on the wip, since no one showed up at our crit group meeting. I sat in a quiet corner and wrote non-stop for about three hours. Felt wonderful! And no, I don't have a word count yet. In fact, I may even scrap the 1st three chapters; it may be starting out too slowly; I don't know yet. I'm just going to get it written first, and make changes later.

I'm working my way through a box of books I brought home from the Mockingbird, and I've been enjoying James Patterson and John Grisham thrillers. I'm now reading Grisham's King of Torts, and have to keep forcing myself to put it down.

As for e-books, I'm still financially-challenged at the moment, but I did get the okay to download a $1 book from Carina Press:) And here are some other books which are joining my TBB list: If you read any of these, let me know how you like them?

Book 5 in the High Plains Shifters series.

In the deep of night she longs for him. Mate, lycan, lover. Her lawman. As Katalin Petrova struggles to control her wild and untamed “gift”, she yearns for the only man who can make her whole. His every touch burns, searing her with unimaginable pleasure. Only her strong, protective lover can tame the wild yearnings of her body and help her claim the power of her ancestors.

While Gabriel Dunham, lycan lieutenant of the Wolf Creek Pack, watches over his intended mate, his patience to claim her nears an end as savage need burns his body. Consumed by unbridled lust, he claims her, takes her, hoping it will be enough to protect Katalin from unseen forces determined to rip her from his arms.

Holiday Hearts, Book Four

Matt Warren has always been the man of Summer’s dreams. He was her childhood imaginary playmate, her teen crush, and the wildly sexy fantasy lover of her adulthood. She’s always known he wasn’t real, but after experiencing his imaginative, passionate touch, no real man has ever measured up. However, alone on a beach shortly before her birthday, Summer discovers that the Holiday family magic hasn’t left her behind. Matt is real, standing on her beach, and he’s there to make Summer his in every way possible.

Matt has always known he has a gift as a dreamwalker, and that Summer was out there and would someday be his—if he didn’t get himself killed first. Now that his career as an Air Force pilot is over, he’s moved to Charleston to find Summer and teach her that their shared erotic dreams are even better in real life, and that their love can last a lifetime.

It's time for the annual race, and tortoise shifter, Duncan, is finally going to catch some tail—hare shifter tail, otherwise known as Charlie. With Gibbs, their owl shifter friend, keeping an eye out overhead, they're off and running. But Charlie is as spontaneously careless as the fairytale hare and finds himself caught by local DNR officer, Ben.

The full moon is rising, and if Charlie stays collared through the Hare Moon, he'll remain an animal forever. It's up to Duncan and Gibbs to free him before time is up. But in telling their secret, will they lose Ben forever? It's a foursome waiting to happen, where Ben reconnects with a mysterious lover, and the tortoise finally catches his hare.

Dark Destinies Series, Book Two

No good deed goes unpunished....

When Neeve returns to the kingdom of Maelgwn to help a friend, she finds herself face to face with the man she ran from nine months ago. Before she fled, she’d promised a year of service to the Guardians of the Temple, and now that she’s back, Asher, the Chancellor of Maelgwn intends to claim the remainder of that time.
For almost a year, Asher has been searching for his consort, Neeve, who vanished without a trace. He wants her back where she belongs. In his bed. And a year won’t be nearly long enough. When the pair ends up on a diplomatic mission, with another guardian accompanying, Asher finds his plan to claim her sidetracked by duty and torn by the obligation to share her with the other man for the duration of their task.
With hearts and the future at stake, Asher and Neeve must find the power to believe, trust and love one another, not just for the moment but forever. But that might be more than either is able to give.


anny cook said...

I've read Cindy's book! I love this series, but this one tugged at my heart strings...

Regina Carlysle said...

Thanks for adding me to your TBR list. Oh Molly, I understand how hard it is to juggle all the things that come along during an average day and STILL find time to write. It's really tough with little ones still at home. I've found that now the kids are grown, I have a LOT more time to get in the writing hours.

Molly Daniels said...

I think I may be the only one who's actually looking forward to the Empty Nest...