Friday, May 20, 2011

Flashback Friday

April 26-May 3, 1991:

To recap: Two weeks earlier, D and I decided to get engaged, and broke the news to my parents. The next morning, my mother called me; she'd literally planned our wedding overnight. All we had to do was get the license and the paperwork, and my dress. Everything else was taken care of.

One week later, my sister and I went shopping. I found a beautiful white suit, shoes, and accessories. She was unable to find anything she liked, and when we left the Mall, it was too late to go to dinner without an hour's wait time. She went back to Muncie, and I went to a friend's steakhouse and talked him into buying me dinner.

The following day, we drove down to D's hometown to break the news to his parents, and to watch a friend graduate from college. Everything went well until late afternoon. I began bleeding, and after consulting with my nurse mommy via telephone, we headed for home, with instructions to call the doctor as soon as we arrived.

The doctor told me to stay off my feet and get to the hospital if it got worse; otherwise, he'd see me in the office bright and early.

The next day, I was given an ultrasound, and I was stunned by the little 'blip blip blip' on the video screen; it was my baby's heart still beating strong. I was told to stay off my feet, and limited activity. I could still keep my weekend job, as long as I did not carry anything more than ten pounds. Oh, and to refrain from any relations until the bleeding had ceased for three days.

May 2nd: I was looking over the paperwork we'd filled out, and noticed a signature line had been overlooked. I drove to D's workplace, and in the lunchroom, we signed it. We were already packed and ready for the following day.

May 3rd: I met my mother at the beauty parlor, and had my hair cut and styled. I drove to my parents' home and changed into my beautiful outfit, and had my makeup done by a friend of Mom's, who used to sell Mary Kay. She and another friend of my mom's were busy getting the house ready for the reception. At three thirty, I left to go meet D for a quick meeting with my favorite pastor.

4:30: People began arriving. I began to get anxious, because there was no sign of the friend who would video the event. I also had a small argument with my sister, who refused to be my Maid of Honor. My BFF was on standby, but when Dr. T spoke to my sis, everything was okay.

5:30: C and B arrived, video camera in hand. They'd had to fly standby from Florida, and had gotten bumped from an earlier flight. I was relieved, and the ceremony began.

Just before we spoke our vows, Dr. T said a prayer and suddenly, it hit me: This was no play rehearsal; after we walked back down the aisle, I would not be whipping off the veil and saying, "Who's next?". This was real; I was seriously getting married. I also noticed I'd left my engagement ring on, so I carefully shifted it to my pinky finger. Tears began to form, and yes, I joined the ranks of brides who sobbed through their vows. You cannot even hear me on the tape. And once in the receiving line, I grabbed my mom and hugged her for at least five minutes!

And there was plenty of humor ahead: When we went to sign the license, Dr. T laughed. Remember that line we signed in the lunchroom? We were officially married once we signed that line:) And also, as we signed the final document, I looked at my new husband and said, "Oh that's how you spell your last name!" I'd been spelling it wrong the entire four years of friendship, and six months of dating! He'd never corrected me.

We behaved ourselves when we cut the cake; we opened our presents and properly oohed and ahhed over everything. And the few guests who were still around when we left at 10pm for our 4-star hotel room pelted us with birdseed as we went out the door.

We also hit a deer on the way to the hotel, but only knocked it down. No damage to the car; we'd swerved at the last minute and only clipped a back leg. And once we arrived in our room, I changed into my sexy lingerie only to discover the day of being on my feet had taken its toll: I was bleeding again.

My 24 hour honeymoon was spent lying in bed, watching movies on pay-per-view. And on Sunday, we returned home and met my parents who arrived with our wedding gifts. Life was now back to 'normal'.

We watched our wedding video several years ago, and I wish I knew what had cracked us up before we cut the cake, or other private conversations the audio didn't pick up.

For our 25th anniversary, I hope to throw myself the reception I dreamed of when I was 19: DJ, lots of dancing, the champagne fountain. And seven years ago, I went on the Disney Vacation without D. I've resigned myself to the knowledge my dream honeymoon is never going to happen, so I had fun without him:)

Indianapolis 500:

I took my new hubby to the race, but he was NOT impressed (he likes drag racing). This was also the year Danny Sullivan 'spun and won', which made me happy; he's one of my favorite drivers!

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